Linux: GUI Apps Command Names

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Here's the most common GUI apps's command names.

The {gnome, xfce, lxde} means they came from those desktop systems. [see Linux: How to Switch to LXDE, Xfce]


File Manager (Folder Viewer)

CPU Monitor

[see Linux: Monitor Processes, β€œhtop”]

Software Update

[see Linux: How to Install/Remove Packages]

Text Editor

Image Viewer

more: Linux: Image Viewers

PDF Viewer

File Compression

file-roller β†’ gnome

[see Linux: Compression How-to: tar gzip bzip2 xz 7zip rar zip]





gnome-calculator β†’ (alias gcalctool)

Unicode Character Viewer


Task Bar (Launcher, Panel, Dock)

Music Players

Linux: Music Players

Audio Control Panel

pavucontrol β†’ for PulseAudio.

[see Linux: PulseAudio Control Panel Command Line]


To find more, in terminal, type β€œgnome-” then Tab to list. Example:

Note: not all GUI apps from Gnome starts with β€œgnome-”.

Find Command Name of GUI App

See: Linux: Shell Commands for GUI Apps

Set Default App

Linux: Set Default App

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