Xah Emacs Blog Archive 2015-05

emacs: how to change font size

text-scale-adjust really useful.

Emacs Init: Setup Font (updated)

Emacs: Xah Find Replace (xah-find.el)

now on MELPA: http://melpa.org/#/xah-find

home page Emacs: Xah Find Replace (xah-find.el)

Space-cadet Keyboard and Lisp Machine Keyboards (repost)

Emacs: xah-get-thing.el

now on MELPA. http://melpa.org/#/xah-get-thing

For detail, see Emacs: xah-get-thing.el

ELisp: Command to Search Web (package feature added. Version 2.1.0. Might take a while for MELPA to pickp the change)

emacs eww browser cookies/cache file location

it's at ~/.emacs.d/url/

detail at Emacs: Eww Web Browser. updated.

emacs lisp: convert string to symbol, symbol to string

;; convert a symbol to string
(symbol-name 'defun)

;; convert a string to symbol
(intern "something")

ELisp: Symbol (minor update)

emacs lisp: test even/odd

(= (% n 2) 0) ; test even
(= (% n 2) 1) ; test odd

ELisp: Quick Start (minor update)

Emacs: Move Cursor to Bracket 🚀 (minor update. Now cursor movement covers ALL brackets. This replaces 90% need of ace-jump or similar.)

ELisp: Filter a List (minor code update)

ELisp: thing-at-point (minor update)

Keyboard: Home/End Keys Arrangement: Horizontal vs Vertical (repost)

xah-elisp-mode is now on MELPA


Lots improvements in the past half a year.

home page Emacs: Xah Elisp Mode (xah-elisp-mode.el)

if you have any questions about emacs, elisp, or keyboard, ask me.

post at https://plus.google.com/113859563190964307534/posts/QmLkNnfQsAU or https://twitter.com/ErgoEmacs/status/599654789618671617

Now on github and MELPA. Emacs: Xah Math Input Mode (xah-math-input.el)

Emacs Init: Set Default Major Mode (repost)

Famous Programers with Repetitive Strain Injury (repost)

Emacs: avy ace-jump vs isearch

Emacs Init: isearch by Arrow Keys

2 videos on the Kinesis keyboard. Kinesis Keyboard Review

Does Mechanical Keyboard Reduce Risk of Repetitive Strain Injury?

if you are thinking of buying a mechanical keyboard, and have questions, post and i'll try to answer.

post here https://plus.google.com/113859563190964307534/posts/DyxXPXehnit

I think you need a Google account. But you can also ask me on twitter.

GNU Logo Latte Art (repost; on its own page.)

Happy Hacking keyboard replacements. Keyboards without Numeric Keypad (major rewrite.)

Daniel P Friedman and Matthias Felleisen's books

Daniel Paul Friedman (born 1944) is a professor of Computer Science…

With David Wise, Friedman wrote a highly influential paper on lazy programming, specifically on lazy streams (ICALP 1976). The paper, entitled “Cons should not evaluate its arguments,” [1] is one of the first publications pushing for the exploration of a programming style with potentially infinite data structures and a form of programming that employs no computational effects (though programs may diverge).

In the 1980s, Friedman turned to the study of Scheme. He explored the use of macros for defining programming languages; with Kohlbecker, Felleisen, and Duba, he co-introduced the notion of “hygienic macros” in a 1986 LFP paper that is still widely cited today.[2] With Haynes and Wand, he simultaneously studied the nature of continuation objects, their uses, and the possibilities of constraining them.[3] Following that, Friedman and Felleisen introduced a lambda calculus with continuations and control operators.[4] Their work has spawned work on semantics, connections between classical logic and computation, and practical extensions of continuations.

Friedman is also the lead author of Essentials of Programming Languages, a text book on programming languages. As such, it changed the landscape of language text books in the 1980s, shifting the focus from surveys of languages to the study of principles via series of interpreters. Today's text books on this topic tend to follow this organization, though use operational semantics and type theory instead of interpreters. Like The Little LISPer, Essentials of Programming Languages is a long-living book and is in its third edition now.

Most recently, Friedman resumed work on his “Little” series with The Reasoned Schemer (with Byrd and Kiselyov), explaining logic programming via an extension of Scheme.

Daniel P. Friedman

Daniel P Friedman home page: http://www.cs.indiana.edu/~dfried/

Matthias Felleisen is the founder of PLT Scheme Lisp (now Racket Scheme Lisp). Felleisen was a student of Daniel P. Friedman.

Matthias Felleisen

Daniel P Friedman books
Daniel P Friedman books on amazon

Ruby Creator Matz: How Emacs Changed My Life (repost)

simple example of using emacs lisp for text processing. ELisp: Text Processing, Transforming Page Tag (old page, updated)

new Emacs: Replace Straight Quotes to Curly 🚀

Emacs: Copy Current Line If No Selection 🚀 (updated code)

ELisp: Cut Copy Paste, kill-ring (minor update)

ELisp: Mark, Region, Active Region (updated)

now on MELPA. http://melpa.org/#/xahk-mode

home page: Emacs: Xah AutoHotkey Mode

see also: AutoHotkey Tutorial ⌨

new from Microsoft: Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard

Keyboard for Programers: Layouts, Shortcuts, Macros, RSI ⌨ redesigned index page. Everything you ever want to know about keyboards.

Mac OS X: How to Create Keyboard Layout and Keybinding ⌨ (minor update)

Emacs: Using Org Mode for Todo (minor update)

Emacs: Escape Quotes Command 🚀 (minor update) This is useful for elisp coders.

Emacs: Command Name Alias (minor update)

Thanks to [George Jones https://plus.google.com/113728724850698214583/posts/N7iSpnZ2KJn]

xah-lookup.el on MELPA

xah-lookup.el is now on MELPA. http://melpa.org/#/xah-lookup

Emacs: CSS Compressor (updated code)

Lisp-1 vs Lisp-2 (old rant.)

Emacs: Remove Accent Marks 🚀 (updated code. now supports all Chinese pinyin tones.)

ELisp: Chinese Char To Reference Link (updated code)