Ban Mouse Drag

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mouse drag should be ban'd

Holding down a button and drag mouse is a RSI pain. On trackball, it's also hard. The most natural for drag, is touch screen or Drawing Tablet

The function of mouse drag, is a cursor starting at pos1 to pos2. It does not require the concept of holding down a mouse button then move mouse. It just so happened that Apple decide to do it that way with mouse since around 1998 and popularized it.

If finger touch screen like phone was created few years before mouse, we may not have a mouse drag today.

Windows 10 ClickLock

Windows 10 has the ClickLock feature.

Windows 10 ClickLock 20210531204816
Windows 10 ClickLock 20210531204816

In practice, this is confusing, does not work well. For example, in map applications, or 3D modeling, you can usually drag to pan or spin. But with ClickLock, you have to start/stop the lock too often and it's confusing which state you are in.

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Mouse Pain

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