Kinesis Advantage vs Truly Ergonomic Keyboard

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Here is a comparison of the Truly Ergonomic Keyboard and Kinesis Advantage2 Keyboard .

Kinesis 201133-s
Kinesis Advantage2 (bottom) and Truly Ergonomic Keyboard (top). The trakballs are: • Logitech Trackman MarbleLogitech M570. The mouses are: • Logitech G600Logitech G700s

I've been using them both for long. Here's my comparative analysis that helps you decide which to get.

Good for Kinesis:

Bad for Kinesis:

Good for Truly Ergonomic keyboard:

Bad for Truly Ergonomic keyboard:

Which is Better?

If you have any hand discomfort from prolonged typing, and your hand isn't small, then Kinesis is probably better choice.

keyboarding RSI forearm Pronation-33159
forearm pronation

Truly Ergonomic Keyboard doesn't have “tenting”. Tenting means, middle of the keyboard higher than the sides. If you put your hands on the desk, palm down, for 5 hours a day, you'll get pronation problem. That's what happened to me. See: Is Keyboard Tenting Important (Wrist Pronation)

If your typing needs is as heavy as data entry clerk or writer, or, you have hand pain, go with Kinesis.

Otherwise, Truly Ergo has compact advantage, more traditional, nice full function keys, good fit for smaller hands.

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If you use emacs and have hand discomfort, i must command you to use one of evil mode, ergoemacs-mode, or xah-fly-keys. You must. It makes a GREAT difference, after the keyboard. [see Emacs: Xah Fly Keys] Do not wait until you got pain.

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