Efficient Keyboard Layout for Portuguese: pt-Nativo

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

pt-Nativo is a efficient keyboard layout for Portuguese language, based on the same principles of the Dvorak Keyboard Layout.

pt-nativo-completo layout
pt-Nativo layout.

pt-Nativo It is created by Ari Caldeira, ~2006.

The โ€œbr-nativeโ€ site is very well designed, and the author has put a lot thought about designing the layout. pt-Nativo home page at tecladobrasileiro.com.br is dead as of .

For the layout installation files for Windows and Linux download at


(Thanks to Xavier Pinho for the archive.)

For some notes the author Ari Caldeira wrote about his project, see:


See also: Alternative Keyboard Layouts

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