Efficient Keyboard Layout for Portuguese: pt-Nativo

By Xah Lee. Date:

“pt-Nativo” layout is a efficient layout for Portuguese language, based on the same principles of the Dvorak Keyboard Layout. It is created by Ari Caldeira, in around 2006. Its home page at tecladobrasileiro.com.br is dead as of . This page provides basic info about this layout.

Here's the layout.

pt-nativo-completo layout
pt-Nativo layout.
    /,.hx wltcp ~-
    ieaou mdsrn ´'
  ; yçjbk qvgfz \

For the layout installation files for Windows and Linux, download at pt-nativo_Portuguese_keyboard_layout.zip. (Thanks to Xavier Pinho for the archive.)

For some notes the author Ari Caldeira wrote about his project, Google Translated to English, see: pt-Nativo_keyboard_layout_notes.htm.gz