Russian Keyboard Layout

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There are several Russian keyboard layouts.

Russian Layout in Microsoft Windows

The most popular Russian keyboard layout, is the one in Microsoft Windows. This is the default layout in Microsoft Windows for Russian.

Russian layout 2022-01-07
Russian keyboard layout, from Microsoft Windows. [image source 2022-01-07]


โ€ข Russian has 33 letters. It uses 7 more key spots than English's 26. So, punctuation characters are mostly moved to the number row, and many other symbol character are removed.

โ€ข Comma and period shares a key.

โ€ข The following characters are not available on Russian layout. To type them, you need to switch out of Russian layout.

` ~ @ # $ ^ & | [ ] { } ' < >

Russian Alphabet

Russian Layout Heatmap

russian layout heatmap f0502
corpus is first chapter of [Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky, 1866.]

Russian Keyboard

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