Linux: Bash Manual in Chapters, Using Emacs for Info

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Linux bash man page man bash is huge, 5.3k lines, hard to find info.

You can install emacs's info manual, which is nicely separated into chapters.

bash manual info doc emacs
bash manual in info doc, one chapter per page

To install: sudo apt-get install bash-doc.

Once installed, launch emacs emacs &, then type 【F1 i】. Then, you can use mouse to browse just like a web browser.

Or, you can use keys.

Info Keybinding

Here's the most important info keys:

emacs info keys
PurposeEmacs Key
Focus on Next LinkTab ↹
Visit LinkEnter ↵
emacs info keys for navigation
PurposeEmacs Key
Back (last node)l
parent node (up) u
previous nodep
next noden
emacs info keys
PurposeEmacs Key
search s
emacs info help keys
PurposeEmacs Key
view helph
list keysF1 m