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Space Groups, Math and Chicks

got a chick from Moscow State University asking me about implementing Space group in Mathematica. Life's been worth living.

Anna, yes, you.

… haven't worked on this since 1998. I did 2D version. The 3D version would be much spectacular, especially with today's computing technologies (For example, dynamic rotation in web browser). Also, going into higher dimension (For example, 4th) would be a wonderful exercise in writing combinatorics programs or exploration into proof systems. Dimension 7 or higher hasn't been solved yet. Fame awaits!

Nice article:

See also: The Problems of Traditional Math Notation.

Fractal Gears

fractal gears clockwork by zy0rg
“clockwork” (2012) by zy0rg

Math Art: Fractal Clockwork

updated: The Problems of Traditional Math Notation

Mandelbrot Set Explained (no complex number needed)

complex number simply explained: Geometric Transformation on the Plane

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