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Space Groups, Math and Chicks

got a chick from Moscow State University asking me about implementing Space group in Mathematica. Life's been worth living.

Anna, yes, you.

… haven't worked on this since 1998. I did 2D version. The 3D version would be much spectacular, especially with today's computing technologies (➢ for example: dynamic rotation in web browser). Also, going into higher dimension (➢ for example: 4th) would be a wonderful exercise in writing combinatorics programs or exploration into proof systems. Dimension 7 or higher hasn't been solved yet. Fame awaits!

Nice article:

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Fractal Gears

fractal gears clockwork by zy0rg
“clockwork” (2012) by zy0rg

Math Art: Fractal Clockwork

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Mandelbrot Set Explained (no complex number needed)

complex number simply explained: Geometric Transformation on the Plane