WolframLang Tutorial by Video

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Collection of my best WolframLang tutorials by video.

Xah Talk Show 2022-07-15 WolframLang Tutorial for Programer, Demo Symbolic Computation and Term-Rewriting System
Xah Talk Show 2021-12-01 WolframLang vs Lisp Syntax Comparison
Xah Talk Show 2022-11-13 WolframLang Coding, Stereographic Projection
Xah Talk Show 2022-11-01 WolframLang Coding, Count Words in Arabian Nights and Alice in Wonderland
Xah Talk Show 2022-09-16 Coding Challenge, Get the Odd Count. WolframLang vs Python Ruby JavaScript PHP Haskell
Xah Talk Show 2021-10-01 math geometric inversion, WolframLang coding, emacs xah wolfram mode
Xah Talk Show 2021-05-06 Wolfram Language Typesetting, TeX, Problems of Traditional Math Notation, Syntax and Proof Systems
Xah Talk Show 2021-02-06 Characteristics of haskell, python, lisp, Mathematica, Stephen Wolfram
Xah Talk Show 2021-03-11 demo of Wolfram Language Mathematica