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npm Fiasco. Malware that Steals Bitcoin added to History of Web Tech

Google Do Evil

Started to collect Google's evil deeds there.

“modern” template driven html. prefetch all the ads in the world

modern template driven html prefetch ads 2018-12-10 5fd44
a typical “modern” template driven html. prefetch, prefetch, prefetch all the ads in the world

Browser War, Mobile Passed Desktop Since ~2016

SVG: Font Size

HTML Video Tag

HTML Audio Tag. updated.

Mac still doesn't support webm video nor opus audio

JavaScript: Disable Right Click

new page. a simple, frequently asked example.

How JavaScript Works Douglas Crockford 2018 fecaa
How JavaScript Works, 2018, by Douglas Crockford Buy at amazon

Douglas Crockford has a new book How JavaScript Works I thumbed thru in a friend's house. It's very good. It's unusual. It's not for beginners. And written in a stye you have to read from cover to cover in sequence. But you get deep understanding.

JavaScript SVG Clock

SVG Clock updated code.

it's so convenient to use bleeding edge tech. .insertAdjacentElement JavaScript: insertAdjacentElement and .currentScript JavaScript: Get Current Script Element no more inserting an id and get element by id

Web Design: Fixed-Layout, Flowed-Layout, Responsive Design

Note that in 2000s, there is big brouhaha among “web design” circles about Fixed-Layout vs Flowed-Layout. Most sites is fixed layout. best example is Apple. They assume ur screen is ≥ 1000 pixels wide. Fixed layout is like printed magazine. if ur window is smaller, u can only see parts.

see Web Design: Fixed-Layout vs Flowed-Layout

here's minimal window width assumptions of apple facebook google microsoft amazon etc sites around 2010 see Web Design, Minimal Window Width

the debate about fixed vs flowed layout is that, fixed is always better looking on a specific screen. But flowed looks much better on a screen not the designer intended/expected.

I prefer flowed, and thought about it for years. Flow layout is supposed to work in any screen size and ratio. In practice, its just impossible. What actually happens, as with today's “responsive design”, is just design for four or so intended screen size and ratio.

note that, web design began in ~1994 when html began. Around that time, most monitor is 640x480. around ~2005 it's 800px width. 2010 it's 1020 width (by now, laptops is most common). most professional web sites use fixed layout. i.e. design for specific screen width.

also, flowed layout is pretty much favored by nerds or programers, who focus on logical structure. example: chapters, sections, subsections. Fixed layout design, is favored by artists or “designers” (aka desktop publishing of 1990s on Mac), because it's pretty.

note, CSS was invented in 1996 but isn't used widely till ~2002. The thinking about flowed vs fixed layout was that, always markup by logical structure, but use css to make the design/layout. this is actually a myth to this day.

Other than academic papers, vast majority of commercial sites do not have any natural logical structure. The “logical” markup is just a artificial pretense. This can be seen today especially with so-called “single page app”. #css #design

CSS: Display Table on Small Screen (major update)

HTML: Viewport Meta

discovered CSS unit “cap”

css cap unit 2018-11-07 5c24b
css cap unit

discovered CSS unit cap. i thought it'd solve the font size problem. But very disappointed. It's a CSS length value. Not a property. We need a property, example: font-cap-size:16px.

see Meaning of Font Size

CSS: Length Units (more major update.)

CSS unit is incredibly complex.

HTML: the Root Element (new)

“Alien heads found in Georgia”. 'was the origin of name of the font Georgia.

CSS: font-family

CSS: font-family

CSS for beginners. Filling up my CSS tutorial so it covers all commonly used properties. Now, the font topic is complete

  1. CSS: Font Weight
  2. Google Webfont


Font Size problem (on its own page)

Donald Knuth, Steve Jobs, and the Idiocy of Typography

CSS: Computed Style

Meaning of Font Size

CSS: font-size

all updated or rewritten

Common Web Fonts (updated. added JavaScript to show what font your browser is actually using.)

2018-11-02 Turns out, it is impossible to find out programatically what font is actually used.

CSS: Display Table on Small Screen

JavaScript: DOM Methods (minor update)

jQuery Tutorial by Example (minor update)


HTML Tutorial Complete update.

obsolete html5 tags

these html5 tags are now obsolete

and <hgroup> , w3c says no, whatwg says it's good.

updated HTML Tags Complete List

List of HTML Self-Closing Tags updated

HTML Tags Complete List (minor update. convert table to list. easier for phone screen)

HTML/CSS Case Sensitivity

added the case for css.

CSS Selector Syntax (rewrite)

Atom Webfeed (RSS) Tutorial