CSS: font-family

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font-family property lets you specify a font.


font-family: Arial, sans-serif;


font-family: Georgia, serif;


font-family: Courier, monospace;

Possible Values

Value can be a single value e.g.

font-family: Courier;

, or a sequence of values, like this

font-family: Courier, Menlo, monospace;


font-family: "andale mono", courier, menlo, monospace;

Browser will use the first one available on user's system.

Generic Font Names

There are these special generic values:

Note, the choice of these can be set in browser preference by user.


This is Your Default serif Font

This is Your Default sans-serif Font

This is Your Default monospace Font

This is Your Default cursive Font

This is Your Default fantasy Font

This is Your system-ui Font

Serif vs Sans-Serif Font

Serif font example. ABC

Sans serif font example. ABC

Font Name

For font name, if the name contains space, it needs to be quoted. e.g.

font-family:"Times New Roman", serif;

Font name is not case sensitive.

For font examples, see Standard Web Fonts

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