CSS: What font-size is xx-large, x-large, small, …?

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

CSS font-size has these predefined values of:

Note that these are absolute sizes, not relative.

Each browser has their own idea of the predefined size. Here's the percentage value that matches these in Firefox.

[xx-large] = [200%]

[x-large] = [150%]

[large] = [110%]

[medium] = [100%]

[small] = [80%]

[x-small] = [60%]

[xx-small] = [55%]

As of , {Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, IE10} basically all agree on these sizes. The x-small and xx-small may differ by 2% or so; the difference can be seen only when the page is magnified at 200%.

Also note: 200% is the same as 2em, and 150% is the same as 1.5em, etc.

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