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not sure what this is. if you have info, comment please.

intro to Chinese Input Methods

more update. on its own page.

jp diy keyboard w wheel c8124
Japan diy keyboard with scroll wheels 2018-07-26 ใ€”image source https://twitter.com/age_jaco/status/1022380097666342912ใ€•

very nice design!

the scroll wheel can be used as arrows.

and for the other hand:

emacs keyboard used in 70s and 80s

emacs keyboard history

keyboald layout travel graph, interactive app

keyboald layout travel graph 6d92c
keyboald layout travel graph https://beehivemedia.com/dataviz/keyboardviz/ by Bill Shander https://twitter.com/billshander, 2018-07-17

very interesting.

head tracker

TrackIr 5 Premium Head Tracking for Gaming Buy at amazon

This is a head tracker, for gaming. A new type of input device that's becoming popular. It's very significant for programer as well. Replaces mouse. Use together with OS's โ€œdwellโ€ (autoclick) feature

See also: Ergonomic Mouse ๐Ÿ–ฑ

Dvorak Keyboard Layout

minor update

top keyboard experts

top keyboard experts i know of (no order):

they usually have ~100+ keyboards, historical or otherwise. Done research on various keyboard tech etc.

Lisp Machine Keyboards โŒจ

major update. more photos.

Space Cadet Keyboard

major update. more photos.

Workman Keyboard Layout (2010) still going strong

Elecom DEFT Pro Trackball News. Works in linux. plug and play, all buttons detected understand latest kernel. thanks to t184756

best keyboard site. Marcin Wichary, JavaScript expert, and segmented display

of all keyboard sites on the web, if there's only one best one, this is perhaps the one.


you don't want to miss it.

its by Marcin Wichary [2018-07-03 https://twitter.com/mwichary ] he's writing a book on history of keyboards. He research, have tens of books on the subject, and travels the world to dig info. and often, he take high quality photos of ancient keyboards that you would not find anywhere.

i've mentioned him a few times here. e.g. he gave me answer to why space bar was a bar. see Typewriter Spacebar History

by the way, he's also a coder. He used to work for Google, and he wrote the google packman doodle. He's a top expert of JavaScript.

segmented display

he recently wrote this fastastic app, on segmented display. https://aresluna.org/segmented-type/