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The Importance of Terminology's Quality In Computer Languages (oldie)

linguistics math logic conundrum: function is a concept?

ok, here's a conundrum.

I say: “function is a concept” (of math).

Now, if you look closer, that phrase may not make sense, because, after all, we could say “xxx is a concept”, where the xxx is any english word. So, the sentence “function is a concept” isn't meaingful, because there is nothing that's not a concept.

your job, is to dissect this logically.

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closure should be ban'd.

i haven't synthesized a cogent reason of logic foundation. Basically, it's a almost arbitrary complexity, breaks the design idea that comp lang should be close to the model of formal languages.

Computer Languages Don't Have a Foundation

while reading David Flanagan's JavaScript Book yesterday, i realized, that terms used in computer language don't have a math foundation. For example, what's a “object” in Java, JavaScript, Python, Perl? what's a function? [see Meaning of Object in Computer Languages]

one could give a reasonable definition, as did Flanagan rather painstakingly, but that's like 1700s mathematician's concept of real number or limit. (For example, [ (ε, δ)-definition of limit ] [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%28%CE%B5%2C_%CE%B4%29-definition_of_limit ], [ Construction of the real numbers ] [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Construction_of_the_real_numbers ]) Sure, everybody understand it, and 99.99% of the time there is no problem, but a sound logical definition is lacking.

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Linux: Set System Keyboard Layout ⌨ (update)

Linux: Keyboard Software Guide (update)

added more keyboards and update.

New compact mechanical keyboards: Noppoo Choc Mini and Filco Majestouch Minila. See: Keyboards without Numeric Keypad

Recently, the ergodox keyboard is available on sale, and become very popular among hardcore keyboard geeks. Here's my analysis of its design, with lots beautiful photos people made. Ergodox Keyboard Review

Razer Orbweaver Gaming Keypad (Added high resolution user photo. This one's got mechanical keys for all your windows manipulation pleasure. Never press a key chord again.)

Richard Stallman on Steve Jobs's Death (oldie)

had a strange dream yesterday. “You understand all of them?” “No, but they understand me.”

昨天做了一个奇怪的梦。 “你这些全部都懂吗?”, “不,但他们懂我。” — 呜呜语录,2013年10月23日

—[ 夏雨婷 ‏@cherylnatsu ] [ 2013-10-24 https://twitter.com/cherylnatsu ]

do you know what comments and meta-data is lurking in your image files? Linux: View Comment/Metadata in Image Files (updated)

List of Keylogging Software (on its own page)

Jaron Lanier on Open Source

Unix Shell Shebang Hack #! (updated)

Maltron vs Dvorak keyboard Layout

How Many Keystrokes Programers Type a Day? (updated. Also see comment by Johann Swart)

The Condition of Industrial Programers: Learn LISP in 10 Days (essay. Oldie but goodie.)

Is Math Important for Programers?

keyboard news. Now the Matias Mini Tactile Pro is available on amazon. both Mac and PC versions.

see Matias Mini Tactile Pro Keyboard

TypeMatrix Keyboard (updated with photos)

Ergonomic Keyboard Layouts (major update)

Wireshark is Switching from GTK+ to Qt

the network sniffing tool Wireshark is switching from gtk+ to Qt.

[We're switching to Qt By Gerald Combs. At https://blog.wireshark.org/2013/10/switching-to-qt/ , accessed on 2013-10-18 ]

Hooray. Fsck GNU. I was a fan of RMS since 1998, pro GNU and FSF, and anti {unix, Qt, OpenSource, KDE}. But, over the years, especially when i started to get heavy in emacs dev, RMS is becoming more and more a crackpot. He's been kicked out of numerous freedom communities (such as Debian), and once dedicated FSF advocates and developers are dropping GNU left and right, for good reasons too.

Why Undo Cut Shortcut Keys Are Bad? (updated)

When Can You Trust a Programer When He Use Math Jargons?

if you hear programer talking about math, such as category theory, directed graph, lambda calculus, and so on, 99% of the time they have no idea what they are talking about.

when can you actually trust a programer's mouth when math term is mentioned?

check the guy's publication. If, he actually is a mathematician, publish in math journals, or, he is a active member of professional math community such as mathoverflow, then, you can trust his mouth when he uses math jargons.

else, the typical lispers, haskellers, git, unixers, scala, clojure, you can tell them to fsck their mom with their math.

Oh, on the other hand, when can you see a mathematician who actually know a thing or 2 about real world programing? When pigs fly.

#math #programming #haskell #clojure

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push my buttons girl shirt photo

recently discovered, that the Cooler Master keyboard comes with all flavors of Cherry MX switch. {brown, red, blue, black}, but, also GREEN! Also, they have versions with or without the numpad. And, it's all about $80 to $100 only! my short review here Keyboards without Numeric Keypad

List of Keylogging Software

Why You Need 9 Buttons Mouse? (updated)

lots math articles recently. See Xah Math Blog. Subscribe there.

Bad Keyboard Advice from Programers (more update)

major update. The Japanese layout version of the HHKB has arrow keys and others other keys. Better. Still, no cigar. The Idiocy of Happy Hacking Keyboard

ever hear coder going zen coding this or dojo lib that? Meditation and the White Men

Topre Mechanical Switch Keyboard: Real Force

just discovered, that if you want a Keyboard with the Topre Mechanical switch, another option is the Real Force brand keyboard. They are quite expensive. Most sites i see starts at $290. For example:

However, i found this one that's amazon for only $150! “Topre Type Heaven 104 key Keyboard” Buy at amazon

it's the company's lower priced offering. It's cheaper because they switched the keycap tech (from some PBT to ABS. Something you'd care only if you are keyboard connoisseur).

The Topre switch is supposedly better than Cherry MX. If you don't know about them, see:

every programer needs to understand this well. the Nature of Associative Property of Algebra

news. Video reviews of the batman keyboard. Check it out. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard Review

The Importance of Terminology's Quality In Computer Languages

How to Program Number Keypad as Function Keys (updated)

Why Function Keys F1 F2 Are Useful (updated)

every programer should understand this well, especially functional programers. What is Function, What is Operator?

wireless mouse with 3-years battery life❗

discovered a mouse. Logitech Wireless Marathon Mouse M705 Buy at amazon

this one, has 5 buttons, good for average people, and it has Logitech's spin-wheel. But the main thing is, it's wireless with 3-year Battery Life

updated: Truly Ergonomic Keyboard. And, see ergoemacs-xah Mode for my setup.

Typing Speed and Hand Motion Speed Study