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corrected link. talks in past 3 days.

rms seeking housing

rms seek housing 2019-09-27 2qs9r
rms seek housing, dated 2019-09-27 2qs9r
screenshot 2019-09-28 kyt7p
rms seek housing, dated 2019-09-27 https://stallman.org/seeking-housing.html

i knew that rms lives in his MIT office in 80s or 90s. don't know perhaps he ever lived on his own. [Why Utopian Communities Fail 2018-03-08 By Ewan Morrison. At https://areomagazine.com/2018/03/08/why-utopian-communities-fail/ ]

Richard Stallman Resigned from FSF, 2019-09-16 expanded with more info

Richard Stallman Resigned from FSF, 2019-09-16

Young Richard Stallman on Software Freedom

Richald Stallman Resign FSF, emacs tips, split window workflow, register. 2019-09-21

dvorak colemak minimak layouts, ergodox, keyboard firmware, keybinding, ergodox, programable keypads 2019-09-20

emacs lisp, golang. write script to Check Parenthesis/Brackets Balance 2019-09-18

Richard Stallman Speech Requirement (2011)

Emacs: Latin to Braille ⠎⠕⠍⠑

cheap webcam, unicode brackets, good emacs key choices, live coding elisp English to braille, 2019-09-16

history of Apple, Richard Stallman on Steve Jobs, Dennis Ritchie, Evil open source, web login etc. 2019-09-09

unicode inverted text, emacs regex and in emacs lisp 2019-09-06

Emacs Lisp: Regex Tutorial major update

rms at Microsoft 24chf-s289x217
Richard Stallman at Microsoft, 2019

new version of emacs tutorial is out.

going to send update to previous buyers. If you bought within past 3 years, you'd get it. Else, ask, email me, i'll send it.

emacs xah-html-mode intro, xah talk show 2019-08-29

Emacs: Xah HTML Mode

Guile scheme lisp, is python a lisp?, JetBrain vs Emacs editor, why clojure java. 2019-08-25

Language Server Protocol (LSP) Kills Emacs

XahTV 2019-08-21 all you want to know about keyboard layout, dvorak, colemak, touch tying

XahTV 2019-08-20 why you should not cry about OpenSource or Free Software, monopoly

XahTV 2019-08-19 Deseret/Shavian Alphabets, IPA, font size, fugue, elisp coding youtube html

XahTV 2019-08-17 emacs completion + templates. autocomplete, company-mode, yasnippet, abbrev

Emacs: Dired Customization

Xah Talk Show schedule

ok, finally i have a schedule. Thx to BartholomewJS's incessant prompts. 😇

All time is San Francisco time.

topic is undecided. But basically the subject is going to be any of:

go YouTube xahlee sub + 🔔

XahTV 2019-08-16 emacs dired and emacs tips

emacs command to remove html tags

xah-html-remove-html-tags and xah-html-html-to-text in xah-html-mode [see Emacs: Xah HTML Mode]

Voice Text Input for Programing

XahTV 2019-08-11. jwz keyboard. why JavaScript no "use js2015", rant on Brendan Eich

Why You Should Not Use Emacs calc

Lennart Borgman, emacsW32

am wondering how Lennart Borgman is doing. https://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/LennartBorgman He's creator of the emacsW32 distribution for Windows, very popular in late 2000s. I haven't heard from him for maybe 7 years. His website is gone.

posted to reddit reddit.com...

XahTV 2019-08-06 writing emacs major mode.

XahTV 2019-08-04 emacs regex tutorial. ruby sigil, programing language type as syntax.

XahTV 2019-08-03 emacs lisp coding xah-update-atom-entry-date. History of RSS/atom/webfeed.

XahTV 2019-07-31 EmacsConf 2019, emacs meetup SF, elisp live coding html xah-new-page

XahTV 2019-07-31 EmacsConf 2019, emacs meetup SF, elisp live coding html xah-new-page

emacs conference 2019

emacs conference 2019-07-29 wv666
emacs conference 2019 https://emacsconf.org/2019/

Text Processing: Emacs Lisp vs Perl

and See also: Perl, Dr. Ilya Zakharevich Regularly Expresses

emacs meetup Mountain View, John Weigley on org mode 2019-07-24


Xah Talk 2019-07-19 lisp syntax, s-exp, meta-expression, Mathematica, meaning of sugar syntax

a new emacs distro, Galactic emacs!

[2019-07-20 https://github.com/daviderestivo/galactic-emacs ] by Davide Restivo

Xah Talk 2019-07-18 lisp, Mathematica, term rewriting, pattern matching, idiocy of lisp macros
Xah Talk 2019-07-17. Steve Jobs, Apple suck, MS+linux, mmo mouse, input systems, analog keyboard

Emacs: Xah CSS Mode

minor update.

Emacs Lisp: Command to Extract URL

code updated. now by default get full path.

new editor, evil binary, written in scheme lisp

new editor from china, written in scheme lisp https://twitter.com/evilbinary0/status/1145721953816207360 via https://twitter.com/evilbinary0

Apple's color wheel supports emacs color names!

macOS color wheel emacs 2019-06-29 y3nbq
macOS color wheel emacs 2019-06-29

Emacs: Spaces to New Lines 🚀 very useful

Emacs: Upcase Sentences

code minor update

Emacs Lisp: String Functions

in emacs 26, often, half of the screen becomes blank. or it flashes. i thought that “butterfly smooth” fix made it worse??

apparently, it seems to be a macOS 10.13 problem. If you are using majove, things seems fine.

ivy mode minibuffer history corruption bug

Emacs: ido mode in emacs 27

Emacs Lisp: Chinese Char To Reference Link

code updated

XahTV 2019-06-15 live coding golang find/replace script, emacs + xah-fly-keys

Emacs Lisp: Create Sitemap (minor update)

all major update

Emacs Lisp: Generate Web Links Report

XahTV 2019-06-09 emacs workflow demo. Unicode Phoenician. Cherry Point of Sale Keyboards

Emacs Lisp: Unicode Escape Sequence

minor update

Emacs: Move Image File

code update. Now, if you move cursor to another position before the command finished, it'll still insert at the original cursor position.

XahTV 2019-06-08 can emacs search files in a dir? unix philosophy, do they do one thing well?

grep and find but in pure emacs lisp


gonna do a xah talk show on this today. 3pm San Francisco time. come join me. goto YouTube search xahlee, sub + 🔔.

hi u/andreyorst/ , i think some of the posts in this thread is wrong.

Search text in a dir is a fundamental feature in text editors. Relying on external software for core feature is very bad. This contributed in a major way emacs is not popular. Also, the interface between emacs and shell, has many problems when the string contains a lot escape sequences (such as regex) or lots unicode. (i've documented this in detail in the article you cited)

On Microsoft Windows, this is a practical, major, problem.

am going to do live stream talking about this in 2 hours. (3pm San Francisco time, today 2019-06-08).

to do in live stream:

explain what's wrong with emacs not having builting feature to search dir.


to see if they work without external tool unix grep and unix find

Emacs: HTML, Lines to Table (code update)

elisp problem 2019-06-07 pq9nr
elisp problem 2019-06-07 pq9nr

#emacs lisp quiz. the pain of elisp.

emacs long lines problem

emacs longline problem 2019-06-07 sw8fb
emacs longline problem 2019-06-07 sw8fb

#emacs inserted this by mistake. waited for 10 minute still froze. had to force quit. fuck eli and those who pretend emacs no longline problem

Xah talk show. live coding javascript, emacs demo with xah fly keys, on html entities

xah-fly-keys default to insert mode?

screenshot 2019-06-05 bn3dh
twitter xah fly key magit ex carcini 2019-06-05 [ https://twitter.com/fides_et_cancri/status/1136367038916648960 accessed: 2019-06-05]

minibuffer is setup by a hook

(add-hook 'minibuffer-setup-hook 'xah-fly-insert-mode-activate)
(add-hook 'minibuffer-exit-hook 'xah-fly-command-mode-activate)

i think to do that for magit etc mode , one can add to

[see List of Emacs Hooks]

i'll write up a tutorial in the xah fly keys customization section. maybe i'll add as default to magit mode. will think about it.

[see Emacs: Xah Fly Keys Customization]

most efficient page up/down, ergoemacs-mode and xah-fly-keys

page up down ergoemacs mode xah fly keys 2019-06-04 6s5kd
page up down ergoemacs mode xah fly keys 2019-06-04

the page up/down story is somewhat complicated. I used to insist on use the physical keyboard page up/down OR use mouse wheel (must be accelerated OR free spin wheel), which IS THE BEST way to scroll. (continued)

then i got kinesis keyboard, and by keylog i rarely use pgdn key, and the keyboard doesn't have many keys. So, i reassigned pgdn to do switch to last window/app. But sometimes i find i do want to page down (and not using mouse wheel)

So, the Ctrl+9 Ctrl+0 was a last minute kludge. not very happy about that. because the very existence of keybinding will make people use that often. people usually ignore advices, such as argument about how mouse accelerated/spin wheel and pgup/pgdn key are better.

macOS switching to zsh from bash

macos switching to zsh from bash 2019-06-04 m37kv
macos switching to zsh from bash 2019-06-04 m37kv

this is also why, the emacs that ships with Mac is gnu emacs 22, from year 2007. and Richard Stallman also forced emacs repo MELPA by hegemony to not support any packages using GPL v2. FSF has become a scum and irrelevant.

see Richard Stallman Pushing for GPL3, Kicked Out Free Software from Free Software Platform

Emacs Lisp Doc String Curly Quote Controversy

XahTV 2019-05-29 JavaScript NodeList vs HTMLCollection, Array-like object, emacs curly quote fiasco

the emacs subject began at 1:19:30

Emacs Lisp Doc String Curly Quote Controversy

Emacs: Latin to Rune (ᚱᚢᚿᛂ)

Updated. Now uses medieval rune alphabet. see Unicode Rune ᚠ

XahTV 2019-05-20 Math Unicode symbol ℤ, Control/Capslock Position, unix philosophy hacker idots

XahTV 2019-05-18 emacs xah-fly-keys vs evil mode, vim, keyboard, reading novels, elite hollywood

which font to use

thread on fonts that covers math unicode symbols. I recall DejaVu has it Best Unicode Fonts for Programer

also, google note font suite has the math unicode symbols, i think. I don't remember i verified, but it is intened to cover all unicode font eventually Download Free Unicode Fonts

last resort, is Stix font. It is designed to cover math unicode symbols.

Emacs: Xah JavaScript Mode, xah-js-mode.el

added coloring and abbrev/template for padEnd padStart trimEnd trimStart, abs cos sin pi, getElementsByName.

vscode vs atom vs emacs

looks like vscode is now a winner, twice as popular than Atom, even though both are written in JavaScript on Electron.

editor war 2018 jyxt4
editor war 2018 [source https://insights.stackoverflow.com/survey/2018/#technology]

and now, controversy. https://www.reddit.com/r/emacs/comments/bp72wt/i_might_switch_to_vscode/ (note, it's not written by me)

XahTV 2019-05-10 mouse, spin wheel, linux, closure, perl, lisp.

xah-fly-keys thanks 2019-05-10 f9b4z
xah-fly-keys thanks 2019-05-10 [from [ https://twitter.com/initega/status/1126882169174089728 accessed: 2019-05-10]]

see the full thread for the question.

here's my answer

i hear you. The problem is, it's actually practically impossible to change basic emacs keybindings. This is why, even evil mode, you have lots exceptions. One can hack to enforce 1 keybinding in all major/minor modes, but that adds too much complexity.

what i do and recommend, is just to do case-by-case basis and on your own init. e.g. when a key doesn't work, find out the exact major/minor mode causing it, then add custome override. again, no receipe on exactly how that's done.

XahTV 2019-05-03 unix philosophy, truncate line, clojure, concurrency, AI, consciousness

Emacs: Move Image File code update. now uses ido.

emacs long line problem

goto https://www.ecma-international.org/ecma-262/ , save the file. Open in emacs. #emacs freezes for 30 min. you'll be unable to work with that file. To work on the file, you need to spend 1 hour to finally be able to break long lines.

then there's eli zaretskii, on reddit, insisting emacs don't have long line problem.

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