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There are 3 major Chinese typefaces.

chinese fonts 2020-10-09 bbDkY
Chinese fonts 2020-10-09

Here's what your browser shows:

sans-serif. Hei 黑體. Uniform thickness. Usually used on computer for body text.
Serif. Newspaper style. Font name often contain Song/Ming 宋體/仿宋/明體.
Brush stroke. Kai 楷軆. Each stroke's thickness varies. AKA Regular Script.

Specify language attribute

Specify a language by attribute lang. This will help browser choose the right font. Otherwise it'll often assume Japanese and result in inconsistent rendering.

<span lang="zh">中文</span>
zh is the lang code for Chinese.
zh-cn is for China. Uses simplified char.
zh-tw is for Taiwan. Uses traditional char.

Chinese Font on Microsoft Windows

Chinese Font on Windows

Chinese Font on Mac

Chinese Font on Mac

Chinese Font on Linux

The WenQuanYi (文泉驛) family is most common. This family does not include brush-style (Kei) typeface though. This is the only Chinese font installed with Ubuntu by default, as of 2012-04.

Full verse 薄云断绝西风紧,鹤鸣远岫霜林锦。云际依依认旧林,断崖荒草路难寻。西山望见朝来雨,南涧归时渡处深。 from 西游记,第五十九回:唐三藏路阻火焰山,孙行者一调芭蕉扇

Chinese Font