T-34 Layout (2021)

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Xah's evaluation of the T-34 Layout.

t-34 layout Jonas Hietala
[The T-34 keyboard layout By Jonas Hietala. At [ https://www.jonashietala.se/blog/2021/06/03/the-t-34-keyboard-layout/ ] ]

First of all, he is creating a layout for his very personal situation. Namely, he got right pinky and right thumb pain. So, whatever he create, isn't good for another person.

Also, immediately 2 other criticisms:

All things considered, what he has is extremely personal. That basically means, what he has to say is not much value to the general public. Unless, u also only use vim, and have same pain on same fingers as him, and prefer a keyboard with only 34 keys, and want to have a layout mtgap and beakl that's generally not available and unheard of.

That concludes my first analysis of his intro section about what he is creating. And i think at this point the rest of what he has to say isn't worth reading much... Given his premises.

It's interesting, that there are some people, especially people here my followers, who are specifically interested in esoteric things for weirdness shake. For example, our sez, now not here, is doing that. Among the already very nerdy and esotery stuff, sez is the one who would mention mtgap and beakl etc, and advocate COBOL as programing language, etc. And i came to know, if something is getting popular among nerds, they will dislike it. They have a psychological NEED to distinguish themselfs by an obscurity preference. And it seems to me, that guy, Jonas Hietala, who wrote The T-34 keyboard layout, is kinda like that.

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