Planck Keyboard

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Planck keyboard is a Do-It-Yourself keyboard. It came out around 2016.

This is the fastest keyboard to get Repetitive Strain Injury.

planck keyboard MustacheRabbit 2015 2
Planck keyboard. Built by MustacheRabbit. [image source imgur ]

Total key count: 47.

plank keyboard trackballs 39200-s
โ€ข Planck Keyboard โ€ข Kensington Orbit Trackball with Scroll Ring โ€ข Logitech Trackman Marble. [image source reddit ]
OLKB Planck 40% keyboard review - ON HELIUM! (Zealio purple 65 g)
by chyrosran22

Use as Steno with Plover

The Plover project, is a project that uses normal computer keyboard as steno machine. (steno machine is a specially designed chorded keyboard for fast typing used in court for transcription of speech.) And the planck keyboard seems to be chosen as one of the keyboard to use for Plover.

174 WPM 10fastfingers on a Planck with Plover

Problems of Planck

The Planck has lots problems. It's a keyboard lots dweebs on reddit love. It annoys me to no ends. Where to begin?

First, it has only 47 keys. Too few. Everytime you need to type a number, or punctuation, or and math + * = symbols, e.g. 2018-05-03 or 2 x^3 + x = 9 , you need to hold a modifier key. Meaning, if you write lots of math, or programing () [] {}, this keyboard is hell.

Also, it'd be impractical to use planck for Chinese, Japanese, Russian, etc. Because, for example, in Chinese, you need to press a digit key every 3 or 4 keystrokes.

There's no tenting. You get wrist pronation problem.

keyboarding RSI forearm Pronation 33159
keyboarding RSI forearm Pronation

[see Is Keyboard Tenting Important (Wrist Pronation)]

You also get ulnar deviation.

keyboarding RSI ulnar deviation
keyboarding RSI Ulnar deviation

O, and, no arrow keys. You can't play pacman while eating pizza.

If you don't really type that much (but you think you do), that's no problem.

[see How Many Words Do You Type a Day?]

A good fix to the planck is to add 1 more row, 2 more columns and 2 columns of gap, or just add 4 more columns. And if the price is still low, this keyboard would be great. Even no tenting still, you don't have ulnar deviation problem anymore because your hands will be placed wide apart, and becomes usable for foreign language or math.

[see Keyboard Design Flaws]

Xah Talk Show 2019-11-17

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Preonic Keyboard

Apparently, there's Planck with more keys.

preonic keyboard 92542
Preonic keyboard. Total key count: 59. [image source]

What About as Steno with Plover

It sucks.

I think Plover is a bad concept.

The very concept, of using a computer keyboard as steno machine, is a bad one. It's a fast way to get Repetitive Strain Injury.

Because, Steno machine keys, are not like computer keyboard keys. Steno has large keys, each steno key has a area that's some 5 times larger than computer keyboard key, And, steno is designed so that you can easily press hold multiple keys down, but computer keyboard keys are not.

Using planck plover as steno, is like, using fork as knife, you get forknife. See your doctor about mouth cut.

If you go to the trouble of actually learning steno, as a way to improve typing speed and or ergonomics, then, i think a design with far greater potential, and greater versatility, and economic viability, is piano keyboard.

Where to Buy

You can buy the kit at

40percent Keyboard