Planck Keyboard

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Planck keyboard is a Do-It-Yourself keyboard.

planck keyboard MustacheRabbit 2015 2
Planck keyboard. Built by MustacheRabbit. 〔image source imgur

This is the fastest keyboard to get Repetitive Strain Injury.

OLKB Planck 40% keyboard review - ON HELIUM! (Zealio purple 65 g)
by chyrosran22
Planck Mechanical Keyboard Review and Build

Total Key Count

Esrille New Keyboard total key count: 47.

6 columns × 4 rows × 2 sides - 1 = 47

Use as Steno with Plover

the plover project, steno with planck keyboard

174 WPM 10fastfingers on a Planck with Plover

seems to be designed for the plover project, see Stenotype Machine

Where to Buy

You can buy the kit at


plank keyboard trackballs 39200-s
Planck KeyboardKensington Orbit Trackball with Scroll RingLogitech Trackman Marble Mouse Review. 〔image source reddit


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