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Braille Dot Names

Each Braille dot is named by their numerical order counting from left column first, top to bottom, starting with 1.

1 4 2 5 3 6

And a braille character is named by a sequence of their dot names. For example, this braille is identified as 124.

6-Dots Braille, All Together

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8-Dots Braille

In addition to the standard braille of 3 rows. Unicode has braille of 4 rows. 8-Dots braille is rarely used. They were used to encode music, or fast shorthand, or for Japanese, or possibly for math.

ISO/TR 11548 (released in 2001) defines the characters for eight-dot braille for Latin-based character sets.

When you have 6 dots, each is on/off, you have 2^6 = 64 possibilities. When you have 8 dots, you have 2^8 = 256 possibilities.

Each dot is also given a name, like this:

1 4 2 5 3 6 7 8

Braille cells with 7th dot:

Braille cells with 8th dot:

Braille cells with both 7th and 8th dot:






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