Unicode Full-Width Characters

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This page is a list of Unicode full-width characters.

A full-width character basically means that each character has the same width as a Chinese character, regardless of font choice. They are used mostly in {Chinese, Japanese} texts.


In the above, there are no space between adjacent characters. Every character's width is the same to each other, regardless of font. Nor are they displayed using a monospaced font. (if you see different widths, that means the particular font used is designed incorrectly, or your browser is rendering it incorrectly.) This paragraph is writting using full-width characters.

The list above is the complete list of full-width English letters and English punctuation. It's not a complete list of full-width characters.

In Asian languages, almost every symbol used is full-width. For example, the “IDEOGRAPHIC COMMA” [see Intro to Chinese Punctuation], and many types of Asian brackets [see Unicode: Brackets and Quotation Marks]. Asian language's writing system tend to use lots more symbols, such as circled numbers , WAVE DASH (which is different from FULLWIDTH TILDE ), and many more.

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