Unicode: Brackets, Quotes «»「」【】《》

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Here is a complete list of Unicode brackets and quotation marks, grouped by style.

ASCII brackets ( ) [ ] { }

Western quotation « »

Low-9 quotation

Full width brackets

White variants


Asian white variant

Half width variant


[see Unicode: Math Symbols ∑ ∫ π² ∞]


Arabic ornate parenthesis. (You need Arabic font) ﴿

More angle brackets

Small variants

superscript, subscript variants

Square bracket variants

Misc brackets

Paraphrase Omission Substitution Transposition

Vertical Brackets


Vertical representation form

What Characters Are Considered Brackets

The character here must be a matching bracket pair with respect to their semantics, as indicated in the char's Unicode name.

Also, all Unicode characters with Unicode Bidi_Paired_Bracket_Type property values of Open and Close are included. See: http://www.unicode.org/Public/UNIDATA/BidiBrackets.txt (local copy BidiBrackets.txt)

In particular, the following chars are not included on this page:

• Not include: Chars that merely have the appearance of a matching bracket. For example, LESS-THAN SIGN , GREATER-THAN SIGN < > .

• Not include: Char pairs that are simply mirror images of each ohter. For example, math subset and superset symbols: .

• Not include: Chars that are part of a large bracket for typeset math purposes. For example:

2014-01-07 thanks to Abigail Buccaneer for mentioning Unicode Bidi_Paired_Bracket_Type property.

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