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Linux vs Mac vs Windows, Which is Best for Keybinding?

Mac: Create Custom Keyboard Layout (major update)

Mouse's 4th and 5th Buttons on MacOS

On macOS, mouse's 4th and 5th buttons by default work as middle click. Interesting. and nice. Middle click to open link in new tab.

though, it'd be better is one of them is Back button by default.

you can set them to do whatever. Use USB Overdrive, see Mac: Keyboard Software Guide

turtle mouse

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problem with extensive customization

one problem with extensive customization is that, if you have a machine, OS, or keyboard, and if you haven't used it for a while, you forgot how to operate it. All standard keys and shortcuts are not there, because you removed them for utter efficiency of using the key spots.

the customization may be one or more of the following:

also, for each OS, there are diverse mechanism to remap keys. For example, Standard OS mechanisms, using standard keyboard layouts, or using various third-party software tools. (e.g. on linux, there's xmodmap, xkb, and different window manager has different ways. Similarly, diverse on macOS or Microsoft Windows.)

what are the situations you would forgot keys? It just happens. Because different keyboard e.g. Kinesis Advantage2 Keyboard, Truly Ergonomic Keyboard, and different computers (work, home, laptops), it's common for one of the keyboard or machine you may not have touched for a month or two.

So, one thing i learned is that, when you customize extensively, try not to remove the standard keys that comes with the OS.

as for keyboard, if you can relabel them, that's best. Else, keep a picture of your remapping.

See also: Create Keyboard Shortcut

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Mac Keyboard Viewer (updated)

Mac: Swap CapsLock Control Option Command Keys (updated)

Mac: Hover Mouse Auto Click

truly ergonomic keyboard 8219
current state of the art [see Truly Ergonomic Keyboard]

Trackball Ball Replacement

added balls for Slimblade Trackball and Kensington Expert