Xah's Favorite Key Switches

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

It's impossible to rank different mechanical switches for keyboards . Different people have different preferences.

here's my own preference based on the many mechanical keyboards i've used since 1990.

  1. Gateron Red (linear). (my favorite. lightest. lighter than Cherry MX Silent Red)
  2. Cherry MX Red (linear). (my favorite. lightest.)
  3. Cherry MX Silent Red (linear).
  4. Kailh Red (50g) (Cherry MX Red is 45g)
  5. linear Kailh Choc Switch, lowest is 50g.
  6. Cherry MX Blue (clicky)
  7. Cherry MX Brown (tactile. not good. scratchy.)
  8. Buckling Spring (too loud)
  9. Topre Switch (hate it)
  10. Cherry MX Black (hate it. Too heavy activation force.)

In general, i prefer linear light switches, with actuation force ≤ 45g.

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