Keyboard Enter/Return Key Symbol

By Xah Lee. Date:

Some Unicode symbols used to represent the Enter ↵ key on keyboards:

I took a quick survey of keyboards to see what graphics symbol they use, or none.

Sharp Corner Return Arrow

All Microsoft keyboards uses a thin turned arrow with a sharp 90° corner. This is the most popular graphic symbol used. If a keyboard use a return arrow symbol, it's usually with sharp 90° corner like this. Microsoft has a long horizontal line, but others may not. Some uses a big filled arrow-head.

Microsoft digital media keyboard 3000 enter key
Almost all Microsoft keyboards uses this icon and text for the Enter ↵ key.

Examples of keyboards using return arrow with sharp corner:

sun keyboard ret
Sun Microsystems Type 6 Keyboard

Outlined Return Arrow

The RETURN SYMBOL, with outline graphics, is used on some, but relatively rare. Including μTRON Keyboard.

Hooked Return Arrow


Apple pro keyboard return key
Apple Pro keyboard's Return key.

Apple Keyboards use this. Apple Keyboards usually do not have a glyph for the Enter key. But for European versions, they do. On euro versions, keys such as {home/end, page up/down, return/enter, delete, tab, shift}, are all using a graphic symbol, and no text. 〔►see Apple Keyboard Gallery