Linux: man page: text output, reading non-compressed man page, reading unformatted man page

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How to get text output of man page?

man ls | col -b

The “col -b” formats the man page to plain text. (It removes control chars. (Control chars are used to make text bold, etc.)).

How to read a non-compressed man page without the “man” command?

nroff -man | col -b

This is convenient when you need to read a man-page file once without adding the dir to your $MANPATH.

How to read a compressed man page without the “man” command?

cat n43921.1 | compress -cd - | nroff -man | col -b

How to read a unformatted man page?

nroff -man ftpshut.8

The “man” command is essentially

nroff -e -man file_name | more -s

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