Linux: Bash Keys, Terminal Keys, Man Page Keys

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This pages show the bash keybinding, , man page keys, and terminal keys.

Bash Keys

These are the major keys of bash shell.

Moving cursor:



Search Command History:

Special, Job Control:

〔►see Linux: Job Control Tutorial

You can see most of special process control keys by stty -a. 〔►see Linux: Terminal Control Sequence Keys

Note: arrows keys, page up/down keys, home/end keys, mouse scroll wheel, usually work too in modern terminal, such as gnome-terminal or xfce4-terminal.

By default, bash keys are the same as emacs's basic keys. 〔►see Xah Emacs Tutorial

Bash keys can be customized in ~/.inputrc. See man readline. For a sample file of customized .inputrc, see: System-wide ErgoEmacs Keybinding for Windows, Mac, Bash.

Man Pages Keys

Here's the most important keys when viewing man page. Also works in paging programs such as {less, more}.

These keys are similar to vi's keys. (not exactly compatible. For example, page down in vi is 【Ctrl+f】, not 【f】.) 〔►see vi tutorial

Terminal App Keys

Here's most important keys in Gnome terminal. (You can see the full list under menu 〖Edit ▸ Keyboard Shortcuts…〗)

System-Wide Virtual Console Keys

System-wide, 【Alt+F2】 pops a run dialoge. In Xfce desktop, the command name is xfrun4.

GNU Info Keys

〔►see Linux: Bash Manual in Chapters, Using Emacs for Info

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