Linux: Bash Keys, Terminal Keys, Man Page Keys

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

This pages show the bash keybinding, man page keys, and terminal keys.

Bash Keys

Moving cursor:



Search Command History:

Bash keys are a subset of emacs keys.

[see Emacs Keys Basics]

Special, Job Control:

[see Linux: Job Control]

You can see most of special process control keys by stty -a. [see Linux: Terminal Control Sequence Keys]

Man Pages Keys

Here's the most important keys when viewing man page.

Type man bash and try these keys.

These keys are similar to vi's keys. (not exactly compatible. For example, page down in vi is 【Ctrl+f】, not 【f】.) [see vi tutorial]

Terminal App Keys

Here's most important keys in Gnome terminal. (You can see the full list under menu 〖Edit ▸ Keyboard Shortcuts…〗)

System-Wide Virtual Console Keys

GNU Info Keys

[see Linux: Bash Manual in Chapters, Using Emacs for Info]

Bash/Terminal Topic

  1. Bash Keys, Terminal Keys, Man Page Keys
  2. Bash Prompt Setup
  3. Bash Color Prompt
  4. .bashrc, .profile, .bash_profile
  5. Virtual Console
  6. Terminal Control Sequence Keys
  7. Reset Terminal
  8. tmux
  9. man page
  10. Bash Manual in Chapters
  11. BASH Shell Misc Tips
  12. Log Terminal Session

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