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max keyboard falcon 20 keypad 07243-s274x228
Max Keyboard Falcon-20 Programmable Keypad

See also: Programable Keypad

it's extremely annoying that on the Mac, mouse thumb buttons do not work by default. Why? of course, noboby'd buy Apple's mouse or trackpad if so.

one thing annoying on the Mac is that in Safari, it doesn't support holding Ctrl or Cmd and scroll mouse wheel to zoom in/out. It's trivial to support, but Apple's lose sale for its trackpad.

SANYO Medicom MC-KM5600B keyboard e13e9-s333x188
SANYO Medicom MC-KM5600B keyboard
truly ergo keypad 20180325-s245x255
Truly Ergonomic Numeric Keypad

Mac Keyboard Software Guide (updated. Added more good tools.)

OrbiTouch keyless keyboard 6dd64-s299x209
OrbiTouch keyless keyboard

Why You Need 10 Buttons Mouse (updated)

Sun Microsystems Type 6 Keyboard New photo, type 7.

tesoro keyboard trackball 2-s372x168
Tesoro G6TL Keyboard with Trackball

spend $220 on amazon, or, how i became a keyboard expert

Spend $220 on amazon. That's, like, biggest spending in 12 years. A shoe, a mouse, a USB hub, a web cam. Necessity for rich living.

when u wanna buy a keyboard, u spend days to read all reviews. undecided. it becomes months. Then after 10 years of daily fretting, you still haven't decided which one to buy. That's how you became a keyboard expert.

the things i got are:

(2020-07-30 addendum. That Nike shoe sucks. It wears a hole on top after a year. The webcam also sucks. Can't focus near. The mouse and usb hub rule.)

Ergonomic Keyboard History

dactyl manuform keyboard d5912-s1386x1039-s289x216
Dactyl Manuform Keyboard
HP 2648A, year 1978
hall effect keyboard 2016 11 12 98908
XMIT Hall Effect

added a video by Chyrosran22

hyper 7 keyboard 9613f s434x144
Hyper 7 Keyboard
tsr 80 computer ce8c5-s289x217
TRS-80 keyboard

Manus keyboard

manus keyboard 8b035 s1467x825 s333x187
Manus Keyboard

Apple Keyboard History ⌨ (lots more photos)

lots more updates.

Apple Adjustable Keyboard 1993 (added a video of typing on it.)

Northgate Omnikey Evolution Ergonomic Keyboard (updated with more info)

IBM 5155 computer 4b0c5 s1185x1021 s269x232
IBM Portable PC Computer 5155 model 68 (year 1984)
MCM Model 70 Microcomputer b4350 s314x199
MCM Model 70, 1972
IBM 5100 keyboard 14510 s289x217
IBM 5100, 1975

need web cam

someone buy me this Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam Buy at amazon
i can't record video reviews with my current lousy cam logitech c270

enamel paint your keyboard

just got a great idea. just buy some enamel paint, and you can paint your keyboard pretty.

you can see a example at Kinesis Advantage Keyboard Gallery

you can go basic by painting home key with diff color, or the esc key. Or, paint dvorak label, or on programable keypad.

or, you can go artistic. at that point, anything goes. comics, drawings, math formula, abstract, or whole thing pink Cadillac.

Kinesis Advantage Keyboard Gallery added many photos.

modern m0110 keyboard 3ac74 s311x201
Modern M0110 keyboard (DIY)
Apple Macintosh 512 keyboard 18366 s306x204
Macintosh Keyboard M0110, Year 1984

(new page)

smith corona acoustic keyboard 201711 40801 s289x217
Smith-Corona Ultrasonic I Plus 1983

Apple Keyboard History ⌨. New page

Apple Keyboard Problems (more photos)

Emoji Keyboard. No longer made.

Key Label Tech (minor update)

someone is looking for a doctor specializing in Repetitive Strain Injury, in San Francisco Bay Area.

does any have recommendations?

answer at reddit

Best Trackballs, Xah Pick (updated)

Elecom HUGE Trackball (updated)

Trackball vs Mouse, How to Choose Trackball (minor update)

naive keyboard d4077 s333x188
Naive Keyboard