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Apple Keyboard History โŒจ

Control Key and Capslock Key Positions

added the Apple Standard keyboard.

can any give me a #haskell repo? preferably 4k lines of code in 1 file. am doing it for this page Computer Languages Characters Frequency

Xah Talk Show 2019-04-22 B, live coding JavaScript app, Arrow Keys Efficiency vim HJKL vs IJKL

Mouse with Spin Wheel (minor update)

minor update

Microsoft Trackball Explorer on amazon for $579

Microsoft Trackball Explorer

(added new photo, half a year ago but haven't posted. lol.)

TRON Keyboard (added a video)

new pages and updates.

today's talk show. everything you wanted to know about mechanical keyboards and input systems.

Xah Talk Show 2019-05-02, happy hacking keyboard, ergodox, keyboardio, kinesis, steno, using piano

discovered new mechanical keyboard. Roccat Vulcan Keyboard , with new Titan key switch.

survivor flash light. you need this, the zombies are coming anytime. battery/solar. includes a car window breaker! you buy! NPET T09 Flashlight Buy at amazon

Elecom HUGE Trackball (new photo)

Chinese Characters Drum Keyboard (added more photos)

French new keyboard layout

French Keyboard Layouts

New AZERTY French Keyboard Layout (2019)

Programable Keypad

Russian Keyboard Layout (minor update)

Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms (updated animations)

Elecom HUGE Trackball updated. All buttons work in linux.

new photos, showing the feet.

amazon dig of the day. Tablet Clamp Stand Buy at amazon

amazon dig of the day. Redragon K580 VATA RGB LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. with sound level wheel. Buy at amazon

xah talk show, 2019-02-28. on lisp machine keyboard, razer keyboard, lisp history, unix philosophy