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Computer Science: What is vs How To

SpaceOrb 360-68931-s244x256
SpaceOrb 360

Java for absolute beginners. Java Tutorial: Printing a String

OCaml Tutorial: Function (repost)

What is Point-free Programing? (point-free function syntax) (repost)

Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms (Added a great animation of Topre switch's rubber dome in action.)

The key feel of the Topre switch, used in Happy Hacking Keyboard, primarily came from its rubber dome.

Java Tutorial: The “extends” Keyword (updated)

Mac OS X Resource Fork Tips (repost)

language tutorial popularity

apparently, Java PHP are most requested tutorial. The ranks are: Java PHP Python C# C++ C Javascript Objective-C Matlab R Swift Ruby …. [source: http://pypl.github.io/PYPL.html ]

Alan Kay on Object Oriented Programing

JavaScript Dot Notation, Namespace or Object System? (on its own page)

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Cute Keycaps

Python C C++ → Jail

python C Cpp goto jail  Francois Rene Rideau lisper on C

[A Guide to Undefined Behavior in C and C++, Part 1 By John Regehr. At http://blog.regehr.org/archives/213 , accessed on 2015-08-16 ]

see also Programing: Why I Hate C

List of Keyboards with Topre Switch

Variable Naming: English Words Considered Harmful (repost)

Logitech Trackman Wheel (new photo. Early model actually have a “shark gill” lights.)

Why Undo Cut Shortcut Keys Are Bad? (major update. The {Z X C V} keys is not better on Dvorak.)

what's “operator” in programing language?

in programing languages, the concept of “operator” is completely fscked up.

comp lang operator JavaScript 2015-08-11
JavaScript operators

Logitech G13 Gaming Keypad Review

what languages are different from all others

of all the languages i know, { Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, Clojure, Emacs Lisp, Wolfram Language } , the one standing out are JavaScript, and Wolfram Language.

so i was riding the bike on the street, and it occurred to me, what an odd language JavaScript is. Then i thought, is it true, critically? The languages i know of floated in my head and i went over them. I conclude, the 2 really odd, standing out from the others, are JavaScript and Wolfram Language.

JavaScript because of its Prototype Inheritance system. Wolfram Language because of its symbolic pattern matching (term rewriting language)

ROCCAT NYTH Mouse. Fin-switch at top, you push it left/right. Brand new, just came out.

Polymorphism, Dispatch, and the Tale of Poly-Tinting

Logitech G502 Proteus Mouse. Look at it again. Analysis. Verdict: no buy.