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Representation of Whitespace Characters by Visible Symbols

These are often used in text editor or word processor to indicate whitespace.


, , , , , ⭿

paragraph, section

newline, return
, ,

CharUnicode NameCodePointComment
·MIDDLE DOTU+00B7Useful when you want to show space as visible chars
OPEN BOXU+2423Useful when indicating keystrokes
SYMBOL FOR SPACEU+2420Useful in programing contexts. This usually indicates the ASCII 32.

Unicode Whitespace Characters

Unicode characters with property White_Space=yes

namecodepoint (hexadecimal)codepoint (decimal)
character tabulation U+00099
line feed U+000A10
line tabulation U+000B11
form feed U+000C12
carriage return U+000D13
space U+002032
next line U+0085133
no-break space U+00A0160
ogham space mark U+16805760
en quad U+20008192
em quad U+20018193
en space U+20028194
em space U+20038195
three-per-em space U+20048196
four-per-em space U+20058197
six-per-em space U+20068198
figure space U+20078199
punctuation space U+20088200
thin space U+20098201
hair space U+200A8202
line separator U+20288232
paragraph separator U+20298233
narrow no-break space U+202F8239
medium mathematical space U+205F8287
ideographic space U+300012288

Unicode Not Whitespace Whitespace

These are Unicode characters that are invisible, but technicaly not considered a whitespace. (they have the property White_Space=no)

namecodepoint (hexadecimal)codepoint (decimal)
mongolian vowel separator U+180E6158
zero width space U+200B8203
zero width non-joiner U+200C8204
zero width joiner U+200D8205
word joiner U+20608288
zero width non-breaking space U+FEFF65279

Note: there are a lot more unicode characters that are invisible. For example, ASCII Control Characters.

Unicode Separator Symbols

unicode separator symbols 2024-01-09
unicode separator symbols 2024-01-09

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