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Corsair Keyboards

Corsair's got new gaming keyboards. Flashing colorful lights.

Best Mouse for Programers (updated)

Razer Naga Mouse (2009) (updated)

Why You Need 10 Buttons Mouse (updated)

wow, this redragon mouse, has a LCD display, and only $20. and 9 programmable buttons. China's taking over!

Redragon M906 mouse 62517
Redragon M906 mouse Buy at amazon

trackball vs mouse

after 2 years with trackball, i finally decided, mouse is actually more precise and faster. I really wanted to like trackball.

trackball is nice if you don't require precision, and you want ease of use. It's really easy just to roll it. But as soon as you need to aim at tiny x or buttons, mouse is more precise.

the 2 trackballs am using are:

of the two, the M570 is better, because it has scroll wheel.

also, on the question of thumb trackball vs index finger trackball, I find myself preferring thumb trackball.

the other issue with trackball is that you need to clean it every 3 weeks. Else, the ball becomes sluggish to roll.

3dconnexion spaceball 5000
3dconnexion spaceball 5000

see SpaceNavigator 3D Mouse

L-Trac Trackball (new, red glow ball model)

Mouse vs Keyboard: Is Mouse Bad for Programer?

Best Trackballs, Xah Pick. Updated.

Review of Ultimate Hacking Keyboard?

someone asked me about review of


My reply. Early patreon access article. https://www.patreon.com/posts/13930810

ergonomic keyboard history, new index

Koolertron Keyboard

my fancy keyboard arrived. It's fantastic. I reprogramed the keys to do all sort of shortcuts. See updated review.

new article Linux: xvkbd tutorial

also, major updates:

Xah No Chord Keyboard (new version)

if you like my keyboard analysis, put in a few bucks in my patreon. https://www.patreon.com/xahlee Thanks.

Maltron Keyboard (new video, for keyboard connoisseurs.)

Logitech Cordless Optical Trackman trackball (more photos)

Vortexgear Poker 3 Keyboard (new video added)

Cherry G80-5000 Ergoplus keyboard

added a video review. This video, changed my view about brown switches.

Keyboardio Model 1

now explains how the octo feet works.

now on amazon.

vortex core keyboard

am seeing, the first nerdy keyboard as mass produced consumer product on amazon.

vortex core keyboard 66479
Buy at amazon