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Mechanical Keyboard Noise Comparison (minor edit)

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The Arensito Keyboard Layout

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Ergonomic Keyboard Layouts

See also: What is the Most Efficient Keyboard Layout?

computer chess set. self moving pieces

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Xah Talk 2019-07-17. Steve Jobs, Apple suck, MS+linux, mmo mouse, input systems, analog keyboard


sa godspeed keyboard ft9mm
sa godspeed keyboard reddit
keystone keyboard 9qhht-s356x175
Keystone analog

Kinesis Advantage2 Keyboard firmware update, 2019-07

Kinesis Advantage2 firmware update 2019-07 7fjgc
Kinesis Advantage2 firmware update 2019-07 ADV2-Firmware-Tech-Notes_7-03-19-v1.0.515_4mb.pdf

download at https://kinesis-ergo.com/support/advantage2/#firmware-updates

Kinesis Advantage2 Keyboard

Worst Apple Designs minor update.

some rework on keycap pages

Tim Tyler's homebrew keyboard

here's a video

Tim Tyler: my keyboard

The video is from 2009. He's got a web site with lots photos.


Truly Ergonomic Keyboard Key Remap No More

they have a website that configure your key mappings. But now your key config url gets redirected to their estore. Bad.

Xah's Truly Ergonomic Keyboard Layouts

they have a new keyboard, but not much press. I know why.

Cleave Keyboard

darknight keyboard n3vz5-s325x192
ATT Teletype 5620 s5kqb-s250x250
Teletype 5620 DMD, Blit (1984)
krita 3d doll xwycy-s215x291
Drawing Tablet
lime40 keyboard qjd4d-s289x217
Lime40 Keyboard

Microsoft Surface pro/book pen

Microsoft Surface pro/book is no match for Apple. the surface pen often stopped working after windows update . mine seems dead for good.

my Microsoft Surface Pro 4, 2015

The Surface Pen, is not well designed. It's unnecessarily heavy, and requires not just 1, but two, batteries, one for pen, one for button. If it stops working, just buy those finger-replacement tablet touch pen, basically $1 each. tablet pen for touch screen works fine if you are not an artist.

surfeit to say, Apple isn't nice either. It's been downhill since Steve Jobs died, and became extremely greedy. keyboard breaks all the time, not fixable, iphone not fixable, memory not replaceable, slowing down phone when new came out, etc.

BluffCurve keyboard tm727-s289x217

Moog Grandmother synth

Moog Grandmother synth 4pnhv
Moog Grandmother Buy at amazon

recommended from a friend. from Colt Kirk twitter colt_kirk

keyboard questions

keyboard question to xah 2019-06-24 wr6r6
keyboard question to xah 2019-06-24
keyboard question to xah 2019-06-24 zsvh6
keyboard question to xah 2019-06-24

gonna answer in today's talk show. XahTV 📺

by the way, please always post questions in public. cuz i've spent my life answering private messages, email, social network etc.

Apple IIe w monitor 5b7bd-s217x289
Apple IIe, 1983
Apple Standard Keyboard M0116, 1987
Apple extended keyboard 1987 2de64-s250
Apple Extended Keyboard II, 1990

Apple Keyboard History ⌨

NeXT Keyboard

new photo of a Japan version

octopus girl q6swz-s1039x779-s289x216
Octopus Girl

Programable Keyboards with Onboard Memory

Buy one of these. Programable Keyboards with Onboard Memory. Don't fall for “gaming” and other marketing crap such as razer daz etc.

Programable Keyboards with Onboard Memory

@xah_lee http://www.wasdkeyboards.com/index.php/products/mechanical-keyboard/wasd-v3-87-key-custom-mechanical-keyboard.html … Have you heard of, or heard good things about this website, that was recommended to me?

[2019-06-17 from twitter colt_kirk]

heard good things about them. seems a quality oriented company. i first heard of them, is the collaboration of https://twitter.com/codinghorror and them to create the CODE Keyboard CODE Keyboard

LED flashlight, rechargable or with batteries amazon

Das Keyboard

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xahlee key zhmfs-s289x217
Cherry Point of Sale Keyboards
benzene666 mbg7d-s364x172
benzene666 keyboard
ALPS CP10SJ550A Kanji keyboard j6sym-s203x307
ALPS Kanji keyboard