Xah Keyboard Blog 2017-01

logitech g19 keyboard 3-s341x183
Logitech G19

now discontinued.

Cute Keycaps (more beautiful keycaps)

Fun Keyboards (new index)

qwerkywriter keyboard 31716-s406x154

Keyboard Key Label Tech (new)

Keyboard Keycaps: ABS, PBT (new)

mistel barocco ergonomic split keyboard-s392x159
Mistel Barocco Split

Linux: X11 Keyboard Key Names (updated)

Linux: LXDE/Openbox, Change Keyboard Shortcuts (updated)

by the way, LXDE has the most powerful keyboard config and well documented, as far as i know. It also supports key sequences.

bloody ml160 commander mouse 14191
Bloody Commander
Microsoft Wireless All In One Media Keyboard 26093
Microsoft Wireless All-In-One Media Keyboard Buy at amazon

Kailh Switch Keyboards

Perixx PERIMICE Trackball (added a photo)

What usb signal does jog/shuttle wheel send?

Does anyone know what signal it actually send when you turn the jog or shuttle? is it one of standard mouse button usb signal?

My reddit post. reddit

answer there, thanks.

See also: Jog Wheel, Shuttle Ring

Steam Punk Keyboard (added video)

azio mk retro keyboard 2017 75930 s376x166
Azio MK Retro Keyboard

Best Mouse for Programers

A look at Microsoft Surface Book keyboard. Added to Evolution of Laptop Keyboards, No More Page Up/Down Keys!

xah-fly-keys with Truly Ergonomic Keyboard (new layout design.)

See also: Kinesis/Ergodox layout for xah-fly-keys

Linux: Make CapsLock Do Home Key

Perixx PERIMICE Trackball (added a video review)

Logitech G13 Gaming Keypad Review (added my photo)

Linux: Set Trackball/Mouse Do Scroll

diverge 3 keyboard 15717-s341x183
Diverge 3 Keyboard

my post on reddit. “The Station of a Crooked Master” reddit

Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse, now comes in white. Buy at amazon

review at Logitech MX Master Mouse

magicforce keyboard steampunk keycap 1-s289x217
Magicforce Keyboard Retro Keycap
lz ergo keyboard 2017 01 23
LZ Ergo Keyboard

Linux: Setup Shift Lock Key

Unicomp Keyboard now, on amazon.

How Many keyboard shortcuts Are There

another great article by Nagy. Hands-on experience on using keyboardio prototype and programing firmware.

[Keyboardio Model 01 prototype By Gergely Nagy. At https://asylum.madhouse-project.org/blog/2017/01/03/model01-prototype/ , accessed on 2017-01-03 ]

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