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Dvorak Keyboard Layout (updated)


with protruded sound wheel. interesting. Azio MGK-ARMATO-01 Keyboard, Cherry MX Brown, Red Backlight LED, Full NKRO Buy at amazon

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best USB drive?

other USB drives are $30, this one is $80. Actually i think i trust this. Look at its reviews with the USB test result by users.

HyperX Savage128GB USB Flash Drive 3.1/3.0 350MB/s R, 250MB/s W (HXS3/128GB) Buy at amazon

by the way, expensive no mean good. there are lots tech gadgets that when the model's no longer made, their price goes up. this includes laptops. Some item's price go up cuz people really want them. e.g. Microsoft Trackball Explorer . But now i've seen price went up due to ignorant confusion of models.

and here's others that seems to be best.

Samsung MUF-128AB/AM FIT Plus 128GB USB 3.1 Flash Drive Buy at amazon $30

Kingston Digital 64GB DataTraveler Elite G2 Buy at amazon $29

Sandisk Extreme Go 64GB USB 3.0 (3.1 Gen 1) Type-A USB Flash Drive Buy at amazon

gadget review site wiredcutter, seem just for ignorant consumers. I looked at their ergonomic keyboard review, meh. I've now looked at their USB drive, drawing tablet, bike lock. Only the bike lock article seems good, but am ignorant there.

Qwerty to Dvorak, A PhD thesis, 1978

[An introduction to alternative keyboard layouts By Dustypomerleau. At https://gist.github.com/dustypomerleau/29f5311089767cfbe5915c5743035710 ]

Things i learned there is ColemakDHm layout, a variant of Colemak.

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Dvorak vs Colemak

What is the Most Efficient Keyboard Layout?

Function Key vs Key Chord, Which is Healthier, Which is Faster?

minor updated. fix typos and better sentences.

Key Label Printing Tech

added a new video. laser engraving keycap

anglerfish lamp

anglerfish lamp 89da5-s800x800
anglerfish lamp [image source reddit]

Happy Hacking Keyboard (HHKB)

added a video review by Thomas Ran (aka Chyrosran22) on the hhkb silent model

drawing tablet, and drawing

major, major, update. added 1 video of professional artist reviewing it. But also, added one of the most famous illustrator today, Kim Jung Gi, discussing drawing.

several keyboard articles, minor update, and repost here:

Windows Keyboard Software Guide

thanks from Terry Sutton 2018-12-17 c6b68
thanks from Terry Sutton 2018-12-17 https://twitter.com/saltcod


Mac: Hover Mouse Auto Click

Ergonomic Keyboard Reviews (updated. added a intro)

Ultimate Hacking Keyboard, more update

i posted to reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyboards/comments/a6f6x5/ultimate_hacking_keyboard_review/ but seems the post is being blocked. Shadow ban?

i posted another, only picture without link https://www.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyboards/comments/a6fz7c/ultimate_hacking_keyboard_review/ and that seems to work

quick answer on reddit:

very impressed by it.

  • Solid build
  • The software to set the keys is the most intuitive i've ever seen.
  • Offers advanced program capabilities for the keys. unlimited profiles, macros, dual purpose keys (e.g. space as control ), and config can be exported/imported for sharing. Any key can be mapped to any function. e.g. afaik, you can have every key act as dual function keys. (for those familiar with QMK of ergodox fame, while i never used, but as far as i know it's UI is really bad, like the way one'd spend hours with linux. The UHK's software, called agent, is GUI and extremely intuitive. and it's open source too. Apparently the keyboard design is also open source.)

The software/firmware, especially the hardwired dual function key is the best. 32k memory.

also, it has addon modules for trackball/trackpoint/touchpad, attached to the thumb area. This seems a killer product, which would be very rare among DIY. But they are not out yet.

i'd now place this among the top 3 best. (not counting DIY ones, since there are too many) And among compact ones, i consider this the best.

keyboardio got scam'd, ~$100k


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Ultimate Hacking Keyboard unboxing

Ultimate Hacking Keyboard

Chess vs Chinese Chess

a series of posts related to tech products, written this month. Maybe you'll buy them.

Using Projector as Display

Meal on a Pill

Heartbeat Watch

DisplayPort Packet Swarm

Programable Keyboards with Onboard Memory (updated)

emacs, RSI, nomads and monads

comes the day, someone heard of me because their dad told them. A living legend!

nomads and monads by beatrix 2018-11-30 c8209
[Software Engineering and the Scientific Imagination: Past, Present, and Possible Futures, or, How to Stop Building Faster Horses By Beatrix. At klebe.blog ]

Azio MK Retro now has backlit and bluetooth version.

which switch, and what normalish keyboard to get

answering a question from a chinese friend.

我用的是茶轴。其实,并没有常时间用你过其它 (除了十几年前用过ALP and IBM buckiling spring)


i have xbows X-Bows Keyboard but due to the firmware change, i never actually used it, because i need physical Dvorak, but the prototype i got, it's firmware is different from the released software, so i cann't remap keys.

this month i'll have Ultimate Hacking Keyboard Ultimate Hacking Keyboard also red

对于 kinesis advantage,你说的对。有好处也有坏处。不一定一定要它。


adde my own photo.

looking around Pen Display, it seems, wacom market dominance is pretty much gone, replaced by lots Chinese made, cheaper and better.

same as keyboard and mouse. The chinese ones, are much cheaper, and sometimes better too

X No Chord Keyboard

this one

xd75re keyboard 6a513
xd75re keyboard aliexpress.com xd75re keyboard

stole my idea! lol

Xah No Chord Keyboard

there are really lots keyboards in china, and some 4 times cheaper than in usa