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libreoffice open source 2020-10-29 gdp4P
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libreoffice open source 2020-10-29 7k7jf
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libreoffice open source 2020-10-29 xMt2f
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Microsoft 365 install 2020-10-29 Y85CD
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Microsoft 365 2020-10-29 JYGFx

Share File from Windows to Mac via wifi

Best Graphing Calculator

NEVER max window. Lol. Max window was designed when monitors are small. Today, max window has basically 1 use. When u really want to see one thing full screen, such as a movie. Or, use it temporarily, usually no more than a minute, in a toggle. To temporarily see long text sans wrap for logical line clarity. Or, when studying unicode or emoji, zoom in super big, then max window to have a view of the whole.

Why Tiling Window Manager Sucks (xmonad, ratpoison, dwm, etc)

the concept of strategy, tactics, style, are emergent phenomenon in chess/go, they do not really exist.

the concept in chess, especially go, such as tactics, strategy, opening, are not mathematically defined, and, are a emergent phenomenon. They, do not directly relate to the win/lose nature of the game.

whey do only only when the game is completely solved in some strong or weak sense.

so, in traditional teaching of those tactics or view of the game state, often, it has mistakes, but we don't know it.

only someone or comp, who always can beat you, THAT, is the BEST teacher, by absolute definition.

though, often we wish such god can 'explain' the moves, but the problem lies, 'explanation' is not part of the game.

in other words, a more mathematical expression of my view, is that, tactics, strategy, of board games, does not truly exist, except in very simple games such as tic tac toe.

here, the words tactics and strategy, takes on the meaning of absolute heuristics that can always lead to win. in other words, optimal move.

and not local optimal, as by greedy algorithm.

in a similar vein, 'style' of play, such as defensive, attacking style, does not really exist. because, there really is just best move. Style arise due to the fact we do not understand the game.

as example, in alpha zero, it has played moves that consider beginner mistakes, no pro go player would play. but, all htese world champions, lost to alpha zero.

same for alpha zero playing against strongest traditional algorithm chess comp 2 years ago. chess comp lost all games.

chess being a less perfect game than go. Most games will result in draw by skilled players.

in go, perhaps one day, when it is completely solved, in weak or strong sense, and we look at the moves, we'll know, that there is only sequence of optimal moves. and the concept of 'style' does not exist.

JavaScript spread operator, its special place in the relation of syntax and semantics

theory of the decade: of the relations of all syntax and their semantics , of a computer language, the javascript spread operator or mathematica's Splice function is special, in that it cannot be defined declaratively.

@jagen a bit hard to explain. and am not sure how to fully express it or if theres actually something. But try to think of redefining the spread operator as a function.

then, try to explain the function or 'define its semantics declaratively as in math'.

another way or context: consider a largely term rewriting system, or symbolic pattern matching, such as Wolfram Lang. (or consider the theoretical def of lang as formal languages). Now, every function or syntax in the lang, can be explained in terms of string replacement. In this case, the splice operator simply removes the outer bracket.

but since most industry lang are not term rewriting system or hard to explain in terms of formal lang, but still, most functions can be explained or declaratively define, in terms of input, output. Now, how to explain the splice operator that way.

another way to put it: the splice operator, or such function, doesn't really have a 'output'.

it is somewhat a in-between step. Unless, we create a new concept, such as something like intangible iterator.

for example in comparison. let's explain the function length(x). It returns the number of element of its argument. So, here, we have a fully independent and declarative explanation/definition of the length function.

remember, the question is not about implementation. NOT about algorithm. The question is specifically that spread operator CANNOT be defined declaratively.

without introducing new concepts or outside of its input.

and therefore, it is special, among the relation of syntax and semantics.

just to give more context or trying to explain what i mean: for example, string functions , can be easily explained declaratively, in terms of its input, and independent of any other complex extraneous concept. Many other functions, such as array/list manipulation functions, too, can be simply explained declaratively via it's input. On the other hand, most actual construct of for-loop, cannot be explained in such a way. it is algorithmic in nature. further, many OOP lang concepts or method or constructs, such as 'new', closure, iterator, cannot be easily explained/defined declaratively. Again, they are algorithmic in nature.

at heart of this discussion, touches on the deep problem of converting algorithm to/from declarative system. A unsolved and i think theoretically undecidable problem, but extremely practical.

Further explanation. One example of algorithmic vs declarative, is GCD, greatest common denominator. we have ancient algorithm, and we have declarative math definition. But, it is not trivial, to convert between them.

and this is why, most programers dunno what they talking about, LITERALLY.

because, theoretically, sometimes it is impossible.

to explain/define algorithm in a declarative way.

and this touches upon Curry-Howard isomorphism.

i find it being special, because it is a operator/function that cannot be explained declaratively.

sans introducing bag of extraneous or complex concepts, or step-by-step things (algorithm)

and as a curious and practical issue for us curious lang lovers for example, suppose we love functional form and don't like operator form much, so, we might want to rewrite our own splice in js as a function. But, we cannot, without actually calling the builtin 3 dots or we have to redefine what array is in JavaScript internal.

the Splice[] in Mathematica has exactly the same issue.

In fact, it is the Splice[] in Mathematica introduced aroud i think 1999, that gave me this thought/problem.

because it cannot be explained 'normally'.

It needs to be explained by diving into internal or such.

Since Mathematica is mostly a term rewriting system, we can simply say its Splice just remove the outer brackets. That goes 1 step, but still, we cannot explain what is the output of such function. Such a function must always be used inside another function.

(and cease to be a function in math or functional programing sense.)

Unless, we introduce a new concept, such as “spliced ‘object’”.

research homework for you :slight_smile: : define a minimal scheme, R4RS, declaratively as a piece of mathematics. All its functions and operators and semantics. Use minimal number of concepts. Nary 1 algorithm.

resort it to a formal language if needs be.

namely, just a set of strings. Nothing else. No cpu, no binary digits, no int, float, 'numbers'.

and nest lambda as church numeral if you need to.

Xah Talk Show 2020-10-03 Dumang Dk6 Keyboard, Idiocy of Typography, emacs, python MapThread

JavaScript coding challenge today. write a python zip https://docs.python.org/3.3/library/functions.html#zip

also, Mathematica has far more advanced MapThread https://reference.wolfram.com/language/ref/MapThread.html

xah thanks runneypo 2020-10-02 x3Ww5
xah thanks runneypo 2020-10-02 Xah Talk Show 2020-09-23 Emacs Lisp Format JavaScript, the Idiocy of Formatting Style Guide

Xah Discord Artwork
major update.

Iosevka font

someone showed me this font today https://typeof.net/Iosevka/

which began my wrath.

Every once in a while, i need to repost this. The complete idiocy of programers with their obsession on font and typography.

actually, if you read Wikipedia Iosevka, it's pretty good.

losevka font is now a fail. I thought it's LOSEVKA, but it is actually IOSEVKA. The fact that it's website uses a version of losevka font that does not distinguish l with I much is a fail. The choice of I for the name's first letter is also a fail. And having a million version of the font is another fail.

Software Skin Cancer

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Xah Talk Show vids 2020-09-26

Xah Talk Show 2020-09-23 Emacs Lisp Format JavaScript, the Idiocy of Formatting Style Guide

ditch grep ag ripgrep. Roll your own. (repost) Golang: Find String (grep)

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Xah Talk Show 2020-09-10 Programing, Philosophy of Too Many Libraries, Algorithmic Mathematical Art

Unicode APL Symbols

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Parallel Programing Problem: asciify-string

Fundamental Problems of Lisp
old popular article.

Shavian Alphabet 𐑕
minor update

Encrypt/Decrypt ROT13 Cipher

Xah Talk Show 2020-08-10, emacs, braille, python vs ruby vs perl vs emacs lisp


Unicode Braille ⠮
now can convert both ways

Unicode Ligature

Unix History 2000, Software

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