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Lisp Machine Keyboards โŒจ

much update, thanks to 2019-02-28 email from Lars Brinkhoff. http://lars.nocrew.org/

repost. minor update.

Xah Live Stream on Efficiency and Keyboard

Most efficient way workflow, best keyboard, and how to avoid Repetitive Strain Injury

Most efficient system for operating a computer, linux, Mac, or Windows, emacs, vim. Best keyboard, and how to avoid Repetitive Strain Injury.


todo review Using a Second Keyboard as Programable Keypad

new index.

updated or on page of its own or reviewed.

international keyboard layouts, are basically like qwerty, sucks donkey ass. in many cases worse than qwerty for english with respect to ergonomics or efficiency of input. Including, Chinese Input Methods and Japanese Input Method

xah talk show. speech recognition dictation on the Mac.

this one is among the popular ones in my reviews. Lots people got it.

send me some good if you like to see it. amazon egift card to xah@XahLee.org , $20 is nice.

This trackball, has the most smooth ball of all trackballs under $150. Added a video.

added lots photos. The integrated touch screen + pen, is truly critical. Beats Apple's. With iPad + iOS, you can't do serious coding on it, and everything you do is sent to FBI, and nothing you could control, even if you are a tech head. But MacBook + macOS doesn't support pen computing, even if you use a drawing tablet. Apple wants you to buy its Magic Trackpad or iPad.

on its own page. And note the keyboard innovation.

Bowling Ball TrackBall Flight Simulator


lots update.

Trackballs That Can Spin

Trackball History ๐Ÿ–ฒ

added a video demo.

more on

bought a drawing tablet. See update at

possibly a video review soon.

discovered new trackball.

buy Kinesis Advantage2

Kinesis Advantage2 Keyboard

yeah, get it. my complaint is that, watch out if your hand is not big. and, be careful how you use the thumb keys. try move whole hand instead of twitching thumbs. and, i wish it had full sized function keys.

the empty area in middle, put in a programable keypad.

see Programable Keypad