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Matias Ergo Pro Keyboard

now, there's video review. I like this one. Wish the key arrangement is not slanted.

Linux: How to Switch to Dvorak Keyboard Layout (on its own page)

Keyboard Page Key

Linux. nice tutorial on xkb, the modern key tool.

[A simple, humble but comprehensive guide to XKB for linux By Damiano Venturin. At https://medium.com/@damko/a-simple-humble-but-comprehensive-guide-to-xkb-for-linux-6f1ad5e13450 , accessed on 2016-06-17 ]

also checkout [How Kinesis Advantage keyboard changed my life By Damiano Venturin. At https://medium.com/@damko/how-kinesis-advantage-keyboard-changed-my-life-f80a84c559a0 , accessed on 2016-06-17 ]

logitech g903 mouse 7mg9k-s309x202
Logitech G900

the Chaos Spectrum

Best Numeric Keypads

wireless keyboard/mouse sniffing kit

when you buy a wireless keyboard or mouse, you are pretty much doomed. by the way, bluetooth is also in danger.


KeySweeper is a stealthy Arduino-based device, camouflaged as a functioning USB wall charger, that wirelessly and passively sniffs, decrypts, logs and reports back (over GSM) all keystrokes from any Microsoft wireless keyboard in the vicinity.

All keystrokes are logged online and locally. SMS alerts are sent upon trigger words, usernames or URLs, exposing passwords. If unplugged, KeySweeper continues to operate using its internal battery and auto-recharges upon repowering. A web based tool allows live keystroke monitoring.

By @SamyKamkar



Description: KeyKeriki v2.0 was first presented to the public at the security conference CanSecWest 2010. The device consists out of two different radio modules and some ARM Cortex based micro controller board. In contrary to the 27MHz Version of Keykeriki it has the ability to inject data. So it allows remote code execution on 2.4GHz new generation keyboards. The code is a first release and is limited on purpose to this scenario (keyboard sniffing and remote command execution). Hopefully we can extend its layout to evolve to a software based, inexpensive software defined radio for 2.4GHz frequencies.

from http://www.remote-exploit.org/articles/keykeriki_v2_0__8211_2_4ghz/

Linux: LXDE/Openbox, Change Keyboard Shortcuts (updated)

best keypads for coder

this one, mechanical keys, but no onboard memory! require CLOUD! Razer Orbweaver Keypad

best gamepad is Logitech G13. On board memory. But need heavy geeking to work in linux Logitech G13 Gaming Keypad Review

for coders, the best programable keypad is this. Genovation Controlpad CP24. Program once, works in linux too. Programable Keypads

Optical Mouse vs Laser Mouse (major update)

logitech g810 keyboard 75293-s429x146
Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum Keyboard

Ergonomic Keyboard Reviews. A index page of just ergonomic keyboards.

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