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fingertips tingling with keyboard usage

another Repetitive Strain Injury

reddit rsi fingertips tingling 2018-05-30
reddit rsi fingertips tingling 2018-05-30 reddit

my comment:

you have pain already? I think you should immediately see a doctor. And, stop at all costs from typing on laptop keyboard, and also stop typing on flat PC keyboard. It is typing on ibook, that got my first RSI in 2005.

Tingling is first sign, but reaching the point of pain is already kinda late, but you can still recover.

Of kinesis, dactyl, maltron, i think kinesis is the way to go. Unless it's ok to spend $200 more. Because basically dactyl or maltron will be $500...

alternatively, keyboardio, or other flat split with mech keys, are also good candidates.

about ergodox, i wouldn't recommend it. It has thumb problems. See this story Ergodox Keyboard Thumb Keys Pain also, a nice pre-built ergodox is about the same price as kinesis.

on key switch, i'd recommend blue or red. (not brown, black)

for exercise, try this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EiRC80FJbHU

But, don't just blindly follow that. Try to spend 1 hour per day, for a month, reading about Repetitive Strain Injury. (but note, there are tons on the web. You want to read those who had RSI, not from people who did not have RSI. Beware of many bad advice about RSI. There are many such. Some are from spammer/scammers, e.g. They'd say ergo keyboard is useless or that you can heal by pure mind/meditation. Some are from “strong opinion” programers telling you about swapping capslock etc.)

you can find RSI reports by searching here, or r/emacs , hackernews, deskthority, geekhack, stackoverflow.

also, RSI is not fully scientifically understood. So, seeing doctor may be useless. (e.g. lots people have reported that seeing doctor didn't do much. (but see a doctor anyway as one should.))

I have many bouts of Repetitive Strain Injury since 2005. Each time i tried to document it. You might find helpful: Typing Habits, Repetitive Strain Injury ⌨

good luck.

Create Math APL Keyboard Layout

video review. Kinesis Advantage2 Keyboard

Kinesis Advantage2 Keyboard
added a video review.

Keyboard History ⌨

now looking good

xah window system demo

added a video to the page

Why Tiling Window Manager Sucks (xmonad, ratpoison, dwm, etc)

so you can see how i work. (you may have to refresh browser)

Now, add an extra boost to your gear.

do not buy razer stuff

How Razer Keyboards Suck

context https://twitter.com/xah_lee/status/999101674915430400

also, razor's mouse are usually 1/3 more expensive than logitech, with less feature. it's that way cuz razor market to ignorant teen gamers, much like girls follow Kim Kardashian idol.

typing on the kinesis video from xah

recorded my typing on the kinesis keyboard. Watch at

Kinesis Advantage2 Keyboard

Mouse Weight Comparison (updated)

a beautiful white kinesis

kinesis keyboard 2018 05 21 f5a2f s289x217

[see Kinesis Advantage2 Keyboard]

Mouse with Spin Wheel

How to Choose a Mouse (updated)

Mouse Reviews 🖱 , massive update

Best Mouse for Programers (updated)

trackball with many buttons? reddit

now on amazon.

discovered contour unimouse

roccat leadr mouse and logitech spin wheel

currently eyeing the roccat leadr mouse. Its basically a wireless version of tyon. Featuring, recharge pad.

first impression, based on reading reviews ROCCAT Leadr Mouse

i desperately miss the spin wheel on my logitech g700. It has double-click/drag issue after 5 years, and i dumped it last year. Also, it's discontinued. Logitech G700s Mouse

so, if you want a spin wheel, current options are Logitech MX Master Mouse (2015) or Logitech G502 Mouse or Logitech G903 Mouse which would you prefer?

LZ Ergo Keyboard has staggered layout. and the function keys row is not split into 3. meaning, middle keys, e.g. f3 f8 f9 will need eyes to hit.

what's the m.7 layout? also, how much is it? am guessing it's a hundred or more, for prebuilt, than xbows.

X-Bows Keyboard

Swiftpoint Z Gaming Mouse

Added a video. This mouse, not for programers.

Keyboard Joysticks does it work well? no.

x bows is shipping. it is the best non-tented keyboard.

X-Bows Keyboard

where is space enter backspace on batman keyboard?

for batman keyboards there is no standard layout. That is, the position of Enter Space Backspace ⌫ can differ wildly depending on keyboard.

but i took a short survey, it seems, they pretty much converge on kinesis advantage's layout.

i.e. Space is right hand thumb, Backspace ⌫ is left hand thumb. Enter is usually middle or right hand to the left of h or n.

why's this important? because when you design a keybinding system, e.g. Xah Fly Keys, after consideration of PC keyboard layout, you want to consider common fancy keyboard layout.

batman keyboard means these Ergonomic Keyboard Reviews or these Do-It-Yourself Keyboards

X-Bows Keyboard

Taking the xbows out for a spin. Am still waiting for them to have a Mac driver. Because without, i can't remap the many keys i need. Well, you can do it via operating system key tools, but it's very cumbersome and limited.

How to Avoid Mouse Hand Pain

I got asked this often. Goes like “am a emacs/vim/heavy keyboard user, which should i buy”. Or, “i have hand pain...”, etc.

any of these would be great. Best Ergonomic Keyboards, Xah Pick

and all tips i can give i've placed there.

Japanese Keyboard Layouts (major update)

How to Set Key to Switch to Browser (minor update)

Japan Keyboard Layout Design Community

see New Stickney layout at bottom Japanese Keyboard Layouts

the New Stickney is kana based. and is heavily updated in past 2 years, with new version coming out. it's from the creator of the Esrille New keyboard. The guy uses it. (he's active on twitter)

and, just few days ago, i learned a new japanese layout “eucalyn”. you can see in first pic here Helix Keyboard

and many pictures of it in yesterday's tokyo mech keyboard meetup.

but it seems it's romaji based, but i don't know anything about this layout.

Linux: xmodmap Tutorial (minor updated. added example of swapping numbers)

Efficient Layout for Numbers (minor update)

Ban Extended Pinky Column

recently, had a new chapter of understanding about Repetitive Strain Injury.

i've typed too much again in the past 3 months or so. My left hand, is feeling uncomfortable. Note, the exact cause of RSI is illusive. It can be caused by specific keyboard, and or your particular habit of pressing certain key, and other things.

it seems, this time, the cause is left hand pinky pressing the CapsLock key too much. or, the a key, or the Tab or left Shift.

Am not 100% sure yet. However, it seems to me, if i stop pressing CapsLock or keys on that column, i feel comfort.

So, anyway, now i have a new theory. That those Tab, CapsLock, left Shift, keys, should be ban'd.

Basically, the whole column of keys to the left of 1 q a z should be gone. and similarly for the right hand.

now, this is extreme.

basically, i think once your typing is similar to data-entry clerk or heavy writer (like me) for years, then, the extreme keyboarding advice like the above isn't applicable to others. because, really, most people, do not type that much. Really heavy writer would be something like 1 in 100k users perhaps. (they'd include some gamers. because in some games, such as Second Life, you basically type chat all day.)

but still, this advice, about ban'ing the extended pinky column keys, is still useful, for those ergonomic keyboard designers, such as lots diy keyboards. Think of it as advanced advice for professional athelets.

note, i've already written many articles about past Repetitive Strain Injury, see

Xah Lee, Typing Experience and Repetitive Strain Injury

Also, for keybinding efficiency and Repetitive Strain Injury advice, there are orders of importance. the above one today is probably not for you.

the order of importance

the order of importance is roughly this:

  1. Get a Keyboard with mechanical key switches. then, try to get a split sections or 2 pieces one. then, try to get one with many thumb keys.
  2. if you are a programer, then, you want efficient keybinding. e.g. in emacs, use xah-fly-keys or ergoemacs mode or evil mode. In vi, you want to set esc to be capslock position or a easy thumb key position. (or one of those hack that lets you press df together to switch to command mode.)
  3. if possible, ban shortcuts that requires you to hold a modifier, e.g. Alt Ctrl ⌘ command. make all frequently used shortcuts to be single key, such as F1 F2 F3. possibly also ban Shift key, turn on sticky key.
  4. now, if you type a lot, e.g. writing docs, then consider using Dvorak layout.

read more about them at

Worst Apple Designs

ok, tons of updates in past few days.

i thought of like holding them and just post 1 per day... but that just isn't my thing.

if you like my writing, put $5 in my patreon. https://www.patreon.com/xahlee

please don't do $1. Rather, do $5 at least, then you can take off next month.

Xah No Chord Keyboard
(added a keyboard photo)

Helix Keyboard (much update)

Iris Keyboard more photos.

this is the best.

vastly expanded. The worst keyboard possible.

new version.

Mac keyboard key unicode symbol change

Keyboard Shortcut Notations

Keyboard Menu Key (updated)

Difference Between Apple and Microsoft keyboards (updated)