JS: String Escape Sequence

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The following are escape sequences:

Escape SequenceUnicode Character Name


console.log (
"a\nb" === `a
// true

[see JS: Template String]

Backslash in front of other character usually has no special meaning:

console.log ( "\l\ov\e" === "love"); // true

Backslash in front of literal newline means continue the line:

console.log ( "a\
c" === "abc"

// true

Some of the escape sequence character can be in string literal directly without escaping.

// \t (tab character) can be in string literally

console.log (
"\t" === "      "
); // true

Characters Not Allowed in String Literal

The following are not allowed in string literal. They must be escaped.

if you include them without escape, you get syntax error.

console.log (
// SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected token

Unicode Character Escape Sequence

JS: Unicode Escape Sequence


ECMAScript® 2016 Language Specification#prod-SingleEscapeCharacter

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