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hypotrochoid spiralgraph
Hypotrochoid (updated animation)

LimaconOfPascal (updated gif animation)

Regular Polyhedron Domes (Geodesic Dome) Photo Gallery

Involute of a circle.

Trochoid (updated gif animation)

Tractrix (updated gif animation)

Conchoid (minor update)

Seashell Gallery: Misc Seashells, Cut-in-Half View

Giant Parabolic-dish Photo Gallery


Epi and Hypotrochoid Animation Gallery

Mathematics of Seashell Shapes

The TeX Pestilence (Why TeX/LaTeX Sucks) (repost)

Notes on A New Kind of Science (photo of the book added)

How to Lose Interest at Go Board Game Fast

in early 1990s i spend 2 years playing go. At the time i bought the best go program called Nemesis for the Mac. Was able to beat it with 5 stone handicap for the computer. (the software is rated 13 kyu, which means, i'm i think 9kyu at the time)

some said that playing with computers gets you bad habits…

sometimes in 2009 or so, i suddenly find go to be not interesting at all, after i read Stephen Wolfram's “A New Kind of Science”.

the essence is that it's a kinda a cellular automata, and as such, there's no intrinsic math in it, and there are infinite cellular automata. And go players are simply those with great memory and specialized talent and seen lots of cellular automata of the go kind…

see Go Board Game as Cellular Automata

the other thing that has been interesting for me to explore is go on triangular grid or other tiling. Though, it's disappointing that i haven't seen much literature about it at all.

tri game2
Go Board Game on Hexagonal and Triangular Grids

how to lose all interest in go. Go Board Game as Cellular Automata

Go Board Game on Hexagonal and Triangular Grids (repost)

What is Technical Drawing, Descriptive Geometry, Projective Geometry, Linear Algebra (minor update)

Extending the Euclidean Plane: Riemann Sphere and Real Projective Plane

Unicode Math Symbols ∑ ∫ π² ∞ (minor update)

Visual Complex Functions: by Elias Wegert

Schmidt Arrangement, Algebra Integer, Gaussian integer, Eisenstein Integer

Stereographic Projection and Geometric Inversion

Stereographic projection is a special case of sphere inversion.

consider a sphere of diameter d, and plane at bottom. The inversion circle is centered on North pole, with diameter 2*d.


Stereographic Projection (minor update Mathematica notebook. If you have a problem running it, let me know, i'll fix.)

the Nature of Associative Property of Algebra

Go Board Game as Cellular Automata

Table of mathematical symbols by introduction date

History of mathematical notation


In mathematics, nonlinear programming (NLP) is the process of solving an optimization problem defined by a system of equalities and inequalities, collectively termed constraints, over a set of unknown real variables, along with an objective function to be maximized or minimized, where some of the constraints or the objective function are nonlinear.[1] It is the sub-field of Mathematical optimization that deals with problems that are not linear.

Nonlinear programming

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