Emacs: Name Completion

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Emacs has a few different word completion systems. Here's a list of the most useful ones.

Completion word at cursor position in programing language file

Alt+x completion-at-point or complete-symbolCtrl+Alt+i

For completing the word under cursor.

used for completing function names in programing language source code.

This works best in emacs-lisp-mode for coding emacs lisp. Usually does not work for other languages, such as JavaScript, Python, Ruby, unless you install supporting packages.

see also Elisp: complete-symbol vs completion-at-point

emacs complete symbol 2024-05-13
emacs complete symbol 2024-05-13


For expanding current word to any matching string that occurs in any existing buffers.

Abbrev Mode

For expanding current word to any string, emoji, template, etc. You define the abbrevs.

Completion for Minibuffer Prompts

For minibuffer prompt name completion. (command name, variable name, file name.)

2012-11-29 thanks to Ba Manzi (杨贵龙) for a tip.

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