Emacs: Bookmark

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What is Bookmark

Emacs Bookmark feature lets you easily open frequently needed files.

emacs bookmark 2022-10-04
emacs bookmark 2022-10-04

Add a Bookmark

bookmark-setCtrl+x r m
Add current file or dir to bookmark.

List Bookmarks

list-bookmarksCtrl+x r l
Open the bookmark list.

list-bookmarks is an alias of bookmark-bmenu-list

Open a Bookmark

bookmark-jumpCtrl+x r b
Open a bookmark.

Delete, Rename a Bookmarks

First, Alt+x list-bookmarks , then

Save Bookmark File

Alt+x bookmark-save
save the bookmark file. (Press s while in bookmark list)

Bookmark File Location

Variable. Value is Bookmark file path. [see Emacs: Show Variable Value]


Emacs Bookmark

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