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Ultimate Hacking Keyboard
added a bunch of photos

[Korean Input Methods 한국어 입력법 By Alan W. At https://captainalan.github.io/language-and-linguistics/languages/korean/input.html ]

Function Key vs Key Chord, Which is Healthier, Which is Faster?

lmi-cadr keyboard 1st gen space cadget 31997-s289x217
Lisp Machine LMI-CADR keyboard

added a lisp machine pic.

djmouse 201912 bhrym-s291x215
AUKEY Keyboard KM-G9-US 84ks6-s250x250
Water Resist

Chinese and Japanese Input Methods

minor updates

chinese pinyin input 2017 8299f
Chinese Input Methods
japan input 2020-05-07 zn3qs
Japanese Input Method
Best External Drive

cheap Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

someone bought

ee vxqxw
VELOCIFIRE TKL02WS 87 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard, Quiet Brown Switches, White Backlit Buy at amazon
Cooler Master MK850 Keyboard x6wrr-s265x236
Cooler Master MK850 Keyboard

∃ Portable Monitor monitor

Asus Portable Monitor 2019-12-17 mwcyw
Asus Portable Monitor Buy at amazon
krita 3d doll xwycy-s215x291
Drawing Tablet

Keymouse comet

keymouse comet w72dc-s331x189
hhkb pro hybrid ts vgt33-s390x160

keyboard modifier stuck problem

the win10 Surface Pro virtual keyboard really have serious probs. every week or so, somehow i got a control lock or other modifier lock. and hard to find out which, and it's hell.

for the same reason, i stopped using those sticky key features in OS. now and then you got a modifier locked, mysteriously. when that happens, it's hell. cuz any key you type is actually Control+ or Alt+ etc. and there's no 1 right way to reset it.

See also:

Ergodox Keyboard case wear shine

ergodox z5x2z-s217x289
Ergodox Keyboard

major update on many Japan ergo keyboards

Japan FKB8579 661 thumb shift keyboard 45474 s335x187
Thumb-Shift, 1980
tron keyboard df41c-s307x204
DIY Tron

Tiny Spacebar

Cute Keycaps
rice bowl keycaps

amazon stuff bought from my viewers 2019-12-07

fanny pack 2019-12-07 tzhbq
fanny pack 2019-12-07 Buy at amazon

buy fanny pack, show your true nerd nature

Ban Mouse Drag

See also: Typing Habits, Repetitive Strain Injury ⌨

Dactyl keyboard
added a video review

Tokyo Keyboard Meetup 2019-11

work in progress

atlas56 keyboard x8f89-s333x188
fluorite CXL keyboard wjd77-s289x217
genesis 2.5 keyboard 2019-11-30 gg48c-s333x188
Genesis 2.5
super 57x keyboard m57zw-s289x217
Super 57X
SilverBullet44 2019-12-01 6c7hh-s425x147

new photos or update:

Ablenet BIGtrack Trackball

internet explorer anime girl 2013

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard
kyria keyboard 2019 znrkz-s300x208
kyria keyboard
Ploopy Trackball

XahTV 2019-11-26 DIY keyboard Rhapsody: Gergo Georgi Ginni ButterStick Datahand Kyria POS keyboards

ms sculpt ergo keyboard 20191112-s216x289
Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard
trackbar mouse 20191126-s364x172
Trackbar Mouse
lalboard n2b3q-s366x171

now proper review

kinesis pedal 20191124 gy59b-s289x217
Kinesis Foot Pedal review
gergo keyboard whpx7-s425x147
Gergo 50
georgi keyboard fj4y2-s289x217
Georgi Steno
ginni keyboard k5p8m-s322x194
Ginni Chorded 10
kinesis advantage2 6d7d5-s217x289
Kinesis Keyboard Gallery

more photos. thanks to Zumwelt Zumleben

sony video editing console grvdx-s289x217
Sony Video Editing Console

Xah Talk Show
playing footsie in office with trackball and pedals 2019-11-21

datahand wnx34-s289x217

added a video showing its scratchy wheel

Kensington Expert

new in town.

perixx periduo-406 keyboard kwdhy-s344x182
Perixx Periduo-406

livestream demo of keymouse on youtube, by “hello beautiful people”, 2019-11-26 11am San Francisco time

livestream demo of keymouse on youtube, by “hello beautiful people” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E11tORvZUII scheduled for 2019-11-26 Tuesday, 11am San Francisco time.

mark your calendar.

if you don't know what keymouse is, see

keymouse 2018 009f1-s333x188
corne keyboard c6z3s-s409x153
Corne/Jorne Keyboard

SAIL Keycaps and Space Cadet Keycaps

SAIL keycaps 2019-11-18 sqq4y-s380x164
SAIL Keycaps
Space Cadet Keycap 2016 yw76d-s381x164
Space Cadet Keycaps
emily heximal watch 2019-11-17 g94fc-s333x188
happy hacking emily lisp server

heximal watch, and emscript writing system. refresh browser.

Xah Talk Show 2019-11-17
6 hours watch, 24 hours watch, heximal system, stenotype, plank, plover, piano, keyboard systems. 2019-11-17

Space-Cadet keyboard 2-s392x159
Space-Cadet, 1980

annotated what all those key means.

tsr 80 computer ce8c5-s289x217
TRS-80 keyboard
HP 02648-60005 keyboard b18bf-s371x168
HP 02648-60005, 1970s

Keyboard History ⌨

Xerox 1108/1109 Lisp Keyboard

XahTV Arrow Keys efficiency, vim vs inverted T, WASD, 2 handed arrows. Emacs/vi Keys History. 2019-11-14

tourbox g4ffs-s267x234
tourbox input

Input Devices

Cleave Keyboard
C L Sholes xpm layout US568630 6qn6q-s201x311
C L Sholes XPM Layout, 1896

join discord xahlee. great keyboard discussions


switching custom keyboards and OS mismatch

there's a interesting habit mismatch problem when you switch between your custom keyboards and pair it with Mac or Windows. you tend to press the wrong key on your older keyboard, and the wrong shortcut on the other OS.

XahTV happy hacking keyboard lisp 96 cpu cores, Voronoi diagram in hyperbolic space, emacs, powershell. 2019-11-06

Tony Aldon layout 2019 4w9y5
Tony Aldon Keyboard Layout
keymouse from kowodo 20180712 7x37m-s289x217
hhkb emily 4p8fz-s333x188
happy hacking emily lisp server
logitech g502 201811 092-3-s316x198

now wireless

g604 mouse 20200709 49753-s900-s250
Logitech G604 Mouse