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Mouse with Spin Wheel
major update

tob macro pad 2021-02-25
tob macro pad 2021-02-25 http://there.oughta.be/a/macro-keyboard



Why You Need 10 Buttons Mouse

Why Programable Keyboards Are Better Than Software Key Remap
on a page of its own.


Keyboard Latency

Keyboard Design ๐Ÿ”ง

Logitech G502 Mouse minor update

looks like the dpi war winner is currently logitech. What is Mouse DPI? Does DPI Matter?

new linux key tool: ydotool. Linux: Keyboard Software Guide

Windows: Keyboard Shortcuts Tutorial
new index.

AutoHotkey Tutorial

Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard 2019
stiff spacebar problem.

one thing annoying about Windows 10 is that, a keyboard shortcut does not always work, due to focus widget. For example, in folder view Explorer, Ctrl+w can close a window, but if you have pressed Tab or Alt+h before so that your focus is on navigation pane or the ribbon bar, then it won't work.

new photos and video.

What is Mouse DPI? Does DPI Matter?
minor update, repost

Do It Yourself big trackball with gyro sensor mechanism

The ball is the trackball
Jan 27, 2021
Jacek Fedoryล„ski
The ball is a standalone Bluetooth mouse. All the electronics are inside the ball. The keyboard is a separate USB device that is only used for mouse clicks.
[Bluetooth trackball Mark II By Jacek Fedoryล„ski. At https://blog.jfedor.org/2021/01/bluetooth-trackball-mark-ii.html ]

Elecom DEFT Pro Trackball

Drawing Software Krita so pretty.

updated many photos in Trackball Reviews.
basically, replacing those professional photos by real-life photos. I always prefer real life photos. Professional photos looks fake.

Best Computer Desk

windows key shortcuts for maximize window is annoying

There is no key to max window. F11 does toggle fullscreen, but the concept of fullscreen is annoying, you can't see tabs, and not supported by all apps. Fullscreen is useful only about watching movies or games. It's a idea of 90s when dislay are small.

Then, there are max window idea. It's not a toggle. You have to max then restore. Then there's minimize window idea, which is completely different, more like hiding current window.

then, the keys for max/restor/min window adds to the helpless situation. First of all, there are multiple keys doing the same.

Max window size.
Minimize (hide) window
โ€œrestoreโ€ window size.
โ– Window+โ†‘
Max window size.
โ– Window+โ†“
Restore window size if it's maxed, else, minimize (hide)

No single key to toggle max window. You have to use brain cycle then decide on the rigt key.

worse is that, you might think that you'll just settle for โ– Window+โ†‘ and โ– Window+โ†“. but if you pressed the latter one more time by mistake, whoops, your window is gone hidden.

Keypad and Gamepad

Keypad and Gamepad

using programable keypad for mouse click

Now on windows, am using hover activate window , but it doesn't have hover click. So i've been clicking a lot and starting to feel the strain. So, Ultimate Hacking Keyboard comes to the rescue. Programed the key to act as mouse click. See the left side, left hand fist sit on the click.

UHK Agent xah 2021-01-23
UHK Agent xah 2021-01-23


mouse finger pain saver. Windows: Mouse Hover to Activate Window

NEC PC-8801-KI Keyboard (1983)
added a video.

photos of my new computer and monitor

Drawing Tablet
This thing now works fantastically in Windows. Sucks on the Mac. Now you can use this instead of the mouse. It is because Microsoft Windows support touch screen, Mac doesn't. So you can use a drawing tablet as mouse on Windows.


added photos.

Windows: Keyboard Shortcuts
minor update

Kinesis Advantage2 Keyboard with silent red switch

Bought a new Kinesis Advantage2 Keyboard with Silent Cherry MX Red switches. My old one is cherry mx brown switch. Love the new one. Gonna sell my old. See pic at the link.

why i bought another same? i talked about this many times. in my Xah Talk Show ๐Ÿ“บ and in Xah Emacs Blog and here.

Basically, if you have Repetitive Strain Injury, you want light linear switch. I'd say cherry mx red or blue are good. Anything above 45g activation is no good.

also updated: