Xah Web Dev Blog Archive 2020-01

Centering with CSS

Google Evil

CSS Selector Syntax
major update.

JavaScript: for-of Loop
minor update

The proper way to code JavaScript today is deno + TypeScript. No npm and other shit.

updated, and or new code


Internet Explorer Anime Girl

JavaScript: Browser Info
minor update


HTML: Picture Tag

HTML: Image Tag

minor update.

Web Design: Skeleton Screen

Metro Flat Design Sucks

Common Web Fonts added a section on metrically compatible fonts

JavaScript new regex features JS2018, JS2021

Major rewrite on all things JavaScript regex. Some are new pages. Some are features in JS2018, JS2021.

also updated:

CSS: Outline
minor update

Chinese Font

CSS: Newspaper Multi-Column Layout

CSS. now ban ex unit on my site. I recommend, the ONLY unit to use in CSS is px rem ch vw vh vmin vmax.

CSS: Length Units updated.

JS2018. Spread operator on object. Destructuring with rest operator on object.

major updates.

JavaScript: Object.assign

JavaScript: Nullish Coalescing Operator

Donald Knuth, Steve Jobs, and the Idiocy of Typography
added a Xah Talk Show video.

How to Run JavaScript updated. add deno

major updates:

JavaScript in Depth
new logo.

JavaScript, deno is great. It does not support __proto__.

// 2020-09-13
Reflect.apply ( Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty , Object.prototype, ["__proto__"] )
// false in deno
// true in browser and nodejs

JavaScript: Object.prototype.__proto__

major rework on JavaScript in Depth

now most definitions uses a new indent format.

def format change npjMG qptwN
programing language tutorial formats

currently working on new features in ES2020, and complete some ES2019 and before features.

XahTV 2020-09-06 on JavaScript, Node.js, Deno, NPM, HTML/CSS

JavaScript: Class Without Class Keyword

JavaScript: Class

XahTV 2020-08-11, JavaScript Live Code Rot13 Cipher App

HTML History Timeline
old. repost


map of maps of maps in JavaScript

js nested map 2020-08-08 4jC2n
js nested map 2020-08-08

added a nested map example at JavaScript: Map Object Tutorial


W3C HTML Validator Invalid


CSS Selector Syntax

WebGL Demo: Brisk Hindsight

JavaScript: Reflect.set
added example using this binding.

JavaScript: Getter/Setter Properties
added a section on this binding.

JavaScript: Reflect.construct
major rewrite.

Buy Followers Scam

Access Property
minor format update

CSS Text Alignment, Justification
minor update

and minor updates to

minor updates

See also: null

CSS: Overflow Wrap

minor updates. interactive css code generators.

major update to the JavaScript Object Reference section. Mostly formatting issues.

Web Domain Farm Spam

change Object.getPrototypeOf to Reflect.getPrototypeOf

See also:

random articles, reviewed

updated. Empty array is error, unless there's 2nd arg

What is a Browser

HTML Entity List
minor update.


HTML Frameset Tutorial
added chrome browser screenshot

now, you can buy my JavaScript tutorial using amazon. Buy JavaScript in Depth

spectacular plane curves in JavaScript, by mathematician Hermann Karcher http://virtualmathmuseum.org/Curves/index.html

great pong game in JavaScript

HTML: Input Number Field
minor update.

all updated.


Source Code Encoding

minor update

minor updates.

major updates.

minor updates


minor updates

JavaScript NaN === NaN?

JavaScript try this in your browser console NaN === NaN did you guess right?


HTML Video Tag
minor update

the idiocy of programer nerds and typographers

Font Size problem

Firefox button size changes background color

idiotic Firefox. if you change button size, it changes the background color.

button size test 2020-04-22 rk6br
button size test 2020-04-22
<li><button style="font-size:1rem;" type="button">1</button></li>
<li><button style="font-size:1.1rem;" type="button">2</button></li>
<li><button style="font-size:1.2rem;" type="button">3</button></li>


the Map Object Tutorial

CSS: Letter Spacing, Word Spacing

HTML: Definition List: dl dt dd
minor update.

CSS: Insert Content ::Before, ::After
minor update

New Version of JavaScript in Depth

new version is out. I am sending to past buyers.

If you haven't already, buy at
Buy JavaScript in Depth

Master JavaScript today.

random tip today CSS Selector Syntax
when i work on my site, i use my own tutorials and references often so i was just looking at CSS to see how can i format table better for small screen

Intro to Event-Based Programing
minor update

User Interface Design
new nav panel.

brave browser still crashes on macOS catalina. latest version

w3c and whatwg finally merged their html spec

w3c whatwg merge html spec 2020-03-09 m533q
w3c whatwg merge html spec 2020-03-09

w3c and whatwg finally merged their html spec. No more diff specs. Also, many links to w3c html spec now redirect to whatwg. e.g. https://www.w3.org/TR/html/syntax.html#void-elements

major update to my JavaScript tutorial's navigation panel. Have a look
JavaScript in Depth


Google's webp is a virus

Google's webp is a virus. It's now used by amazon when you are in chrome. Firefox now supports webp too. Apple still doesn't. Not in Safari, not in image preview, etc.