trisectrix trisectrix
Artistic rendering of trisectrix's conchoids.

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Trisectrix is a general name for curves that can be used to trisect a angle. The name trisectrix is often reserved for a special case of limacon of Pascal, which we discuss here. Other famous trisectrix include trisectrix of Maclaurin and conchoid of Nicomedes.

Trisectrix can be generated as a conchoid or epitrochoid. (See: limacon of Pascal for definition).

Constructing Trisectrix as a Conchoid



Trisecting a Angle

Let P be any point on the outer loop of the curve. The angle formed by P, {1,0}, {3,0} is three times larger than the angle {0,0}, P, {1,0}.

trisectrix trisectrixTrisect
Trisecting a Angle

Graphic Gallery

Parallels of trisectrix.

trisectrix trisectrix
Normals and osculating circles of a trisectrix. Note that the evolute of trisectrix is NOT nephroid.
trisectrix trisectrix
Conchoids of trisectrix.
trisectrixConchoid1 trisectrix
Various Conchoid of trisectrix
trisectrixConchoid1 trisectrixConchoid2
Conchoid of trisectrix with a moving point 1.
trisectrix trisectrix trisectrix trisectrixSecant
String art based on trisectrix.


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