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old rant. history of email, 2009. History of Email, 2009

randomish tip of the day. came up from xah discord chat.

Windows 10 Still Using Bitmap Font

Windows: Registry Tutorial

Rob Pike on the Origin of Unix Dot File Names

Programing: Why I Hate C

Why I Love Golang

Share File from Windows to Mac via wifi

Binary/Hexadecimal Converter

Linux: Download Web Page: curl, wget

Git: Fix Detached Head

Git: Fix Detached Head

Origin of BSD Daemon Beastie

List of Programing Cults

software dev philosophies 2020-03-19 75s2b
software dev philosophies 2020-03-19

Lol. A list of programing cults. But one of them, is truly the best. Cowboy coding. A proper name for that is craftsmanship. And there's one truth among the list, but isn't listed. That is: mathematics, knowledge and discipline

Why Software Suck

PowerShell: List of Aliases

on the naming of the char _ , Underscore vs Low Line

added to camelCase vs snake_case

xah thank nic literate programing 2020-03-06 nx8mc
xah thank nic literate programing 2020-03-06

Variable Naming: English Words Considered Harmful

old article. Opera Browser Pains and Håkon Wium Lie skum
Why Opera Browser Sucks

That Naval guy is a crackpot. He attracts the same crowd as Malcolm Gladwell. Tech savvy idots See
On the Nomenclature of Eigenvector and the Igon Value Problem

Convert File Encoding

keyboard shortcut notation

just removed all lenticular brackets on them. e.g. 【Ctrl+b】 is now just Ctrl+b.

Java Tutorial
minor update.

lang char frequency, var naming, camelCase vs snake_case

“2018-08-27. Source is 3 random files in go packages repo. bytes/buffer_test.go crypto/elliptic/elliptic.go fmt/print.go” see Computer Languages Characters Frequency

See Variable Naming: English Words Considered Harmful

This is when sigil comes in. And when, literate programing vs symbolic logic. Or, literate programing vs formal logic.

As for camelCase vs snake_case, snake is technically better. It has isomorphism with words, where space=lowline. But camelCase is more natural. Lowline char is just specifically invented for computer, but camelCase is used outside computing, hundreds years earlier.

camelCase vs snake_case

Java problem: no Java runtime present, requesting install

Java problem: no Java runtime present, requesting install

xah thanks nic 2020-03-04 hmcxb
xah thanks nic 2020-03-04

Will PureScript be Popular?

Seems a great lang but prob little future. PureScript probably will have fewer users than the already niche haskell, clojure, clojurescript. Also, too many langs today: Elm, haxe, dart, typescript, reason ml, buckscript, julia, nim, crystal, “all” compile to js. Growing.

see Proliferation of Programing Languages

SGI 3d logo shadow demo

Dave House at Mozilla recreated the SGI 3d logo shadow demo. See bottom SGI Logo Visual Illusion

some random pages that has update. mostly, made them better when viewed on phone.

site redesign. now with easy nav bar.

Outline Rendering of 3D Models

more random articles.

more update to my site user interface. check out

more links:

How Much You'll Get for Writing a Programing Book?

Modeless User Interface

Unicode Chinese Chess (xiangqi) characters still no show

unicode Chinese Chess (xiangqi) characters 🩠 🩡 🩢 🩣 🩤 🩥 🩦 🩧 🩨 🩩 🩪 🩫 🩬 🩭 still don't show on Mac nor Windows 10. See Unicode Chess ♞ Cards 🂡 Dice 🎲

you can play Chinese Chess here Play Chinese Chess Online

MacOS 10.14 Catalina Upgrade Notes

just upgraded my MacMini (late 2014) from high sierra to Catalina. (skipping majove) the upgrade is smooth. Takes about 50 min. so far, no problem, except Brave browser crashing.

xah Mac mini 2014  2020-02-17 thkq8
xah Mac mini 2014 2020-02-17

see my Mac Mini Late 2014

MacOS now changes your disk format from HFS Plus to the new APFS Apple File System . APFS is new in 2017. This happened since macOS version version 10.14 (aka macOS Mojave) released in 2018, or MacOS 10.13 (High Sierra) released in 2017-09.

macOS APFS 2020-02-17 8m25k
macOS APFS 2020-02-17

Also, the macOS has its own partition, read only.

uBlockOrigin is lost on the Mac. [2020-02-17 https://github.com/el1t/uBlock-Safari/issues/158 ] . It'll soon be gone on Google Chrome too. while Firefox is donating to antifa, n sell your data. uBlock adBlock etc were open source now malware. (the story of open source) Faak the open source fsf skums that got us this situation.

Default shell is now zsh. Apple stopped using bash because its license is GPLv3, which is control freak license from FSF. (for the same reason, the emacs bundled with Mac is 10 years old version) So, Apple simply switched to zsh. Which is actually a better shell.

Apple (and Microsoft too) is increasingly doing software by ID only. On one hand, it creates security, less malware, prevent theft. But, it also means, massive central control.

Comes a day, no software can run on a machine unless Apple or Microsoft approved it. This may or may not happen, in the future.

Apple removed commands ftp and telnet in macOS 10.13, year 2017

so Apple now has MacOS, iOS and iPadOS

so Apple now has MacOS, iOS, and iPadOS. i think Microsoft's better, just 1 Microsoft Windows OS. The great thing is that, on Windows, you have touch screen support, on any device. Also, you need to understand just 1 OS. For example, macOS and iOS is rather very different. All the dir structures are diff.

minor corrections. thanks to “and hi”

old linux rant, on monitor color calibration. written in 2013-02-12

linux, desktop. So, this poor sob got a new monitor. The monitor shines in vivid colors, like, red is more red, and skins is a glowing pink. So, this poor sob wanna calibrate his monitor. O, i'm on the great linux desktop. After some web search, i forgot such tools are buildin in Mac and Windows, as the search results kept reminding me.

After a while, stack-overflow-ubuntu 'n' all, i found this thing called gnome-color-manager. Great, since i'm expert unix master so i went apt-get and quickly installed it. (searching for the right package name and all i won't bog you down with). But how do i run the thing? xfce control panel's doing a no show. My nice bash name-completion system showed gcm-view, gcm-calibrate, etc, but they don't work. Man pages are on the quite side when you need them to talk. More Gooogle skynet, i'm glad the right answer is gcm-prefs --verbose to launch the nice GUI we are un-dying for. But gcm-prefs don't exist here.

Thank you linux, for, i've decided not to do anything about this. You are my time saver today! If i were on a Mac or Windows, i'd doubtless wasted hours for useless appearance things.

How to Calibrate Monitor Color

xah MacMini cpu 2020-02-13 vv8dn
xah MacMini cpu 2020-02-13

eXtreme Programing and Agile Voodoo

comparison of markup languages

markup languages (html, xml, markdown, bbcode, yaml, haml, etc), doc system (LaTeX, org, info, man pages etc), formatting system (Microsoft Word xml format, Open Document Format ODF), universal data exchange format (JSON, clojure edn, etc), are related.

SGI Logo Visual Illusion
new addendum at bottom, on SGI logo 3d demo.

tip of the day

ad blocker collateral damage euphemism

apparently, adblock or ublockorigin will block a image talking about google ad ban.


Google AdSense Ban on Ancient Asian Goddess Sculpture Page

and the screenshots are not shown. Turn off ad blocker, it shows.

The cause is the image file name. If rename so it doesn't contain “google adsense”, then it works.

faak google and open source, fsf, fanatics.

well, typically, the open source fsf fanatics, they think ad blocking is way to go. and that is the problem i have here. military euphemism: collateral damage. talking about google ban gets filtered out.

my claim: it is the open source, fsf, fanatics, these idiots, that got us into this condition. Far worse than 20 years ago. not to mention cloud.

i have a article on that! Tech Geekers vs Spammers

by the way, in the process of debugging this, i found data-dapp-detection JavaScript.

data-dapp-detection JavaScript 2020-01-23 9pzsg
data-dapp-detection JavaScript 2020-01-23

Linux: Man Page Keys

the idiocy of programers Web Design: Grey Text on White Background

Intro to COBOL

The TeX Pestilence: Why TeX/LaTeX Sucks

i have a article on that! search term of the day: xah lee foo bar!

Hackers and the Foobar Phrase

omg, mixing tabs n spaces r the worst!!!! i have a article on that! search term of the day: xah lee tabs vs space the final say on the matter!

Tab vs Space in Source Code

The Unix Pestilence just updated. the unix history you don't know

The Unix Pestilence

my primary font concerns are, ① it has most math symbols and common chars (printer's symbols ¶ § … • ★ ® ✓ etc) ② distinguish 0 O o 1 l I

image save resolution 2020-01-07 py7sp
image save resolution 2020-01-07

do we have media experts? should you save the resolution? why or why not?

Linux: Download Web Page: curl, wget

Unicode for Programers

Command to Download YouTube Video

Convert Video from Different Formats

Clojure = lisp wart

Clojure Sigils Meaning


The piping syntax problem is solved by Mathematica 30 years ago

The piping syntax problem is solved by Mathematica 30 years ago 😤 The thing about piping to 2nd 3rd etc args is no good. When pipe, best to let it juts have 1 arg. but, for the need to pipe to 2nd arg, you solve it by a generic function notation that has slots for 2nd etc args. for example, here's a function of x+y, like this (#1+#2 &) , parenthesis optional.

screenshot 2020-01-03 sfvpd
Math: Density Plots of Trig Expressions

for example, to pipe to 2nd arg, we have have this x | f(3,#)

to pipe to 3rd arg, this x | f(a,b,#)

ontology of JavaScript python ruby java dot notation vs unix pipe vs function chaining, 2020-01-02

the path to homotopy type theory

got this accolade ♥.

xahlee math youtube 2020-01-02 5j5nm
Xah Talk Show 2019-08-07 story of math crisis, math foundation, proof theory, and homotopy type theory

the path to homotopy type theory: group theory, universal algebra, category theory, proof theory. a turbulent path, that reflects chronology too