Xah Keyboard Blog 2020-03

added a video. trackball that spins forever. air bearing.
Trackballs That Can Spin

ve.a keyboard 59g42-s389x161
VE.A 96

added a where to buy, on aliexpress

Keyboardio Atreus

Keyboardio recently worked with technomancy to produce the Atreus keyboard.

atreus keyboard by Phil Hagelberg 2015-06-17-s289x217
Atreus 42

Am quite disappointed. Of all great DIY keyboards, they chose to do this 42 keys ultra mini keyboard. Keyboards with less than 60 keys are hand pain inducing, because they force you to use key chords, even for numbers and basic punctuations.

Anyway, here's the unboxing by key switch expert Chyrosran22 at Atreus Keyboard. also, link to their kickstart at bottom of the page.

and here's my review of keyboardio:

keyboardio m1 rgb 44488-s306x204

linux kernel now supports Elecom's trackballs Fn buttons

xah thx sleepnir nope 2020-03-21 ybt3p
xah thanks sleepnir nope 2020-03-21


Ban Key Chords
minor update

coiled braided cable

finally, i knew the name of this thing.

coiled braided cable 2020-03-18 9t9hr
coiled braided usb cable

How to Avoid Mouse Hand Pain

Kinesis Freestyle Pro Keyboard wjw7r-s306x204
Kinesis Freestyle Pro Keyboard

Ultimate Hacking vs Kinesis Advantage2

in past 2 months, and now, been typing on UHK. it's excellent. but this week been also back to Kinesis Advantage2 now and then. I must say, Kinesis is GOOD, even better. If it has red switches, i absolutely prefer Kinesis. (i have red switches on UHK)

New Firmware and Model of Kinesis Advantage2 Keyboard

Kinesis Advantage2 Keyboard Review

installed new firmware. my kinesis advantage2 is dated 2016-08, when it came out. apparently, they have newer version. New version has 4M memory. Mine has 2M. New version has visual keyboard programing software called SmartSet, bundled in the memory. (so, no install required) For mine model, you have to download it.


logitech's new keyboard, G815/G915

logitech g915 52yb6-s450x139
Logitech G815/G915

xah on discord on keyboard

xah on keyboard discord 2020-03-10 cjbqy
xah on keyboard discord 2020-03-10 cjbqy
xah on keyboard discord 2020-03-10 wz4wk
xah on keyboard discord 2020-03-10 wz4wk

for emacs stuff, read Emacs Keys

and read this for a comprehensive overview on the keyboard software side emacs and vi: Science of Command Efficiency

Is Keyboard Tenting Important?

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new model of X-Bows, the Knight

x-bows knight plus xrwj5-s439x142
X-Bows Knight

Bat Chording Keyboard
added a user review. plus other update.

remove 【lenticular brackets】 for keyboard shortcut notation

updated articles. removed 【lenticular brackets】 for keyboard shortcut notation. For example, i used to write 【Ctrl+c】 now it's just Ctrl+c

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