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Keyboard Shortcut vs Launch Buttons

comp.lang.lisp is 95% Spam. (essay on spam and the situation of newsgroup comp.lang.lisp)

Some misc tips on how to disable the Win key in Windows, added to AutoHotkey Tutorial. Also, you can use IntelliType to disable the Win key. However, the 【Win+L】 (lock screen) cannot be disabled. See also: Microsoft IntelliType Hacks.

Created a page AutoHotkey Key Syntax.

Some tips: How to Use Windows Search; Stop Indexing USB Drives; Rebuilding Index.

Discovered that on Mac Os X 10.6, tar, gzip, gunzip preserves resource fork by default. Updated at: Mac OS X Resource Fork and Command Line Tips.

Discovered that on the Mac, to securely delete files, just use the built-in command srm, like this: “srm -r -s directoryPath”. For detail, see: How to Secure Delete Files, Shred Files, Wipe Drive.

Most keyboards have a volume key, but very annoying. You press it, and the volume increases by 1%. So, you have to press it 10 times. So, you think you might hold it. But, when you press and hold, the system doesn't respond for a second or two, then all of a sudden went all the way up.

I created a little app that fixes this. Press Ctrl and the Plus key on the number pad will increase volume by 10%. With the minus key decrease by 10%. Fantastic!

Discovered that one of my essay appeared on Hacker News again. Here are the essays that have appeared on Hacker News:

There are about 20 or so posts mentioning my name or site. See: Google searh “site:news.ycombinator.com xah lee”.

See also: Hacker News, Xahlee.org, and What is Politics?.

XahLee.org on Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/domain/xahlee.org/

XahLee.org on Delicious: http://delicious.com/search?p=site:xahlee.org

Note: i've never submitted my site to any of these sites. For those who found my article interesting and submitted them, i appreciate it very much, even critical comments. Thank you.

Here's Reddit's widget showing the top 10 “hottest” links to xahlee.org:

It's been brewing in my mind for a while to write a criticism on Paul Graham's Arc Lisp and his essay about ideal language… Paul Graham's Infatuation with the Concept of Hacker.

A very interesting read. What Edsger W Dijkstra Blogged About Lisp? By Kazimir Majorinc. At Source.

For other articles related to Dijkstra, see:

World Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics❓ (social commentary)

Sun Microsystems is dead. I'm so glad. I hate Sun very much. Them with their aggressive marketing lies and jargons with java. They are the most abusive of marketing jargons of any tech company. Keeps creaing spurious, useless, jargons just for the purposes of marketing. Abusing the term API, Interface. (See: Official Java Tutorial on Interface, the Inanity ) Calling their OS as “Platform”, and there's JDK, JSDK, J2EE, J2SE, Tiger, version numbering abuse 1.x to 1.2 == Java 2 now 1.3, JavaOne, JFC, Jini, JavaBeans, entity Beans, Awk, Swing. And before my time, from SunOS to Solaris. Lies about open standards. In the first 5 or more years of java, where Java sky rocketed their sells of their Solaris OS and server hardware, but keept creating obstacles on a quality java on Linux, during the dot com days (~1997 – 2001) where Linux is also raging is its main threat. (we can safely say that Linux + Cheap PC won now.) And finally in their brink of commercial death, Sun Microsystems pulls the trick of saintly open sourcing Java like Netscape did.

See also:

sys admin ad

perm URL with more: Funny Banner Ads. (humor)

Secure Deletion, File Shredding, on Windows (tips; experience)

Solid-State Drive Comes Of Age! (tech commentary)

Updated with 540 words addition: Cross-posting & Language Factions (essay; programing culture)

Hacker News, XahLee.org, and What is Politics? (social commentary)

Learned about Open XML Paper Specification, aka OpenXPS. It is a page description language and a fixed-document format, based on XML. Basically, similar in purpose and function to PDF and PostScript. It's Microsoft's tech but standardized and royalty free. When you print, you can print into a file, then this file can be viewed in any other display or printing device, and should appear identical, just like PDF.

You can try it. Copy this paragraph. Paste it in Notepad. Ctrl+P to print it, choose the XPS Document Writer as the printer. Then, choose a name such as “xyz.xps”, save it. Then, use unzip to decompress the file. Then you'll see several dir and files in XML format. The file named “1.fpage” contains the main file content of this text.

A old article i wrote in 2000. Perl One-Liner Screw (humor)

Updated my tutorial Mac OS X Resource Fork and Command Line Tips for OS X 10.6.

Microsoft Windows: Swap Caps Lock, Alt, Control Keys.

Wonder how much programers get paid? See:

What is Gamma in Digital Images.

NSA Mass Surveillance (social news)

Discovered a blog by Sal Mangano (at Source). For detail, see bottom of: A Mathematica Optimization Problem.

Learning Notes on Goto, Continuation, Coroutine.

Mac OS X Changes To Unix (comments)

Expanded my vi tutorial: Emergency vi.

Started to use Google's Picasa. Some comments here: Google Picasa.

old Stuff from my main blog moving over here.

2009-12-30. Windows has a disk defrag tool build in. Just click on the disk and get properties, then under Tools tab. I am a efficiency nerd, but don't really trust defrag tools as it can corrupt your files. (sure i have backup, but to invoke it is a pain) Since Microsoft bundles it with Windows and this is 2009 not 1990s, i suppose it is safe, but still. Also, i always do partition my drives, but on this machine it's just one volumn of 685 GB. Usually partitioning is best done when you just bought the machine. But with PC today, it doesn't comes with a Windows installation disk anymore, so it's more difficult and i haven't partitioned my drives. Anyhow, on the Mac, the system does not bundle a defrag tool, and i always wondered why not.

Wikipedia Defrag has some thing to say about this:

HFS Plus (Mac OS X) In 1998 it introduced a number of optimizations to the allocation algorithms in an attempt to defragment files while they are being accessed without a separate defragmenter. If the filesystem does become fragmented, the only way to defragment it is to purchase a utility such as Coriolis System's iDefrag; or to wipe the hard drive completely and install the system from scratch.

umm… a optimized algorithm. One wonders, if Apple can solve the frag problem, then Microsoft probably would have done so too. I'm a bit skeptical that Apple's file system actually do any significantly better than Windows about the frag problem. The disk frag problem isn't really something that can be solved by “optimized allocation algorithm”.

China Closes Hacker Training Site , By Thomas Claburn, InformationWeek. Source.

Scott Henderson, who tracks the Chinese hacking scene on a Web site called The Dark Visitor, observes that the crackdown follows from an investigation of a cyber attack that took down Internet access in the Chinese city of Macheng for three days. One of the hackers responsible had commercial ties to one of the men associated with Black Hawk Safety Net.

Python: What's the Difference Between 「dict={}」 vs 「dict.clear()」?.

Unicode Popularity: How Popular is UTF-8?. (web stat)

Discovered Windows Vista's VirtualStore that costed me some 30 hours in the past. Windows Vista VirtualStore Problem.

The NoSQL Movement (random thoughts)

Python 3 Adoption (random thoughts)

Discovered Lout (software), a document formatter similar to TeX. The FAQ is here Source. I wonder what is its capabilities for math formulas.

See also: The TeX Pestilence (Why TeX/LaTeX Sucks).

Unix Pipe as Functional Language.

Fully detailed the emacs ahk mode problem. Emacs Ahk Mode Problems.

Am starting this programing blog. This blog is a branching off of my main blog Xah Lee's Blog, so all programing related issues will be here now.

For past few hundred tutorials and articles on xahlee.org, see: Hacker Cult.

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