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xtodo 2022-01-01 put into a index page and need year, research AEG Olympia CPD 3212A calculator

xtodo 2022-01-01 put into a index page and need year, research Smith Corona VTX 100

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added 🌐 to Unicode: Keyboard Symbols ⌘ ↵ ⌫

Keyboard Fun

Keyboard Shortcut Notations

What is 50 G mouse acceleration?

mouse 50g acceleration 2019-01 wVnZQ
mouse 50g acceleration 2019-01

One thing i never understood. What is mouse acceleration, those in mouse specs?

OrbiTouch keyless keyboard

Display Ink Tablet
lots more photos.

Bought a M1 MacBook Air. It's Supreme. Apple M1 Chip

Apple Laptop Keyboards ⌨ (new photo)

Elgato Stream Deck expanded.

Do-It-Yourself Keyboards

Mouse Weight Comparison

Thumb Keyboard Layouts

why not put shift to thumb

DionBridger says:

Xah Fly Keys Layout for Kinesis/Ergodox Keyboard what is the case for not putting shift keys on the thumb cluster?

thumb keys all used up. but alt layout can be designed... shift key is nasty. i tried to eliminate it or move to thumb, several effort over the years, but end up they stay where they are.

my thinking is that thumb keys are best for modifiers and pinkey keys the worst

yes. but i just haven't came up with a layout that put shift as thumb. one of the issue with modifiers in thumb is that, ideally, u want 2 for each hand. ideally, one should be enough. however, from experience, two is really much more ergonomic. because using the same hand to hold a thumb modifier and pressing another key, is just not comfy. so, that means, for each modifier, they need 2 keyspots in thumb position. this really strain the thumb spots. There's not enough thumb keys. There's control alt win/cmd and shift. because for thumb, for each hand, say right hand, really there are just 2 spots for comfy reach. beyond 2, there'd be some thumb movement. And if that key u need to press very often, as in every 1 min, such as shift. Then, u got a potential rsi inducing problem. thumb keys is relative new, but there's already lots report of rsi with thumb. e.g. thumb trackball, and from ergodox users. so, thumb keys, isn't some sorta cure all. we still need to be careful.

ELECOM DUX 70BK Mouse minor update

new photo and update.

Trackballs That Can Spin updated.

arrived. review incoming

Logitech M720 mouse no onboard memory

This mouse (Logitech M720) does not have onboard memory. Meaning, you should always buy logitech's gaming mouse instead.

logitech m720 mouse 2021 2QgB
logitech m720 mouse Buy at amazon

Logitech M720 Wireless Triathlon Mouse with Bluetooth for PC with Hyper-Fast Scrolling and USB Unifying Receiver

Dumang DK6 Keyboard new photos

digital cam as webcam

a great YouTuber i watch is using this, as a streaming webcam. Expensive.

Canon PowerShot Digital Camera [G7 X Mark II] with Wi-Fi NFC, LCD Screen, and 1-Inch Sensor Buy at amazon

Why You Need 10 Buttons Mouse

if you no have enough buttons. say Logitech G502 Mouse which has technically 11 programable buttons, but actually just 5 extra for customization. first command to drop, is forward page.

someone asking about what keymap for kinesis advantage2.

Kinesis Advantage Keyboard Layouts and Thumb Keyboard Layouts. For emacs, i actually recommend evil mode or xah-fly-keys or other that doesn't use chord much.

Logitech C920 Webcam Review

Hand Exercise Toys for Repetitive Strain Injury , major update.

update. Display Ink Phone

more photos. Kinesis Advantage Keyboard Gallery

update on screenshot keys Windows: Keyboard Shortcuts

new photo

Windows: Switch to Dvorak Keyboard Layout


new photo

(via James Incandenza )

Thumb Keyboard Layouts
my analysis of the Hands Down input system.

GameBall finally out, after 5 years.

updates, big and small.

Lisp Machine Keyboards ⌨ minor update

Dual-Function Keys (Home Row Mods)

Artistic Keycap Gallery 2 now pornhub keycap.

Huion H640P Drawing Tablet new page on its own. Highly recommended.

new page.



Apple Keyboard History ⌨

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City Hunter Keyboard (year 1989)

QWERTY or DVORAK? Debunking the Keyboard Layout Myths by Hanno Embregts
Nov 9, 2017
xah keyboard 20210704
xah keyboard 20210704

habit is the killer of progress

from 1990 to 2005, my fav keyboard is the generic cheap $5 keyboards.

Any other shape or new button position different than that i refuse to use.

This shows, that i was also susceptible by habit. When you have no problem, you no want “solution”. Till you type a lot and got Repetitive Strain Injury, then, you begin to appreciate those “odd looking” ergo design you used to laugh at.

new and updates:

first person shooter gaming mouse expert rocket jump ninja

Discovered this mouse expert. He's got some 300 mouses.

mouse expert rocket jump ninja 2021-06
mouse expert rocket jump ninja 2021-06 https://twitter.com/RocketJumpNinja/status/1408417213632061448/photo/1

He's got YouTube, review mouses. I watched a few. Very good.

his website https://www.rocketjumpninja.com

judge amazon review

one of the way to judge amazon review is to look at the rating distribution. cuz if u just read 1star, nothing u can buy. typicaly, 1star is 4 to 5%.

amazon review ratings 2021-06-30
amazon review ratings 2021-06-30

People Do Not Like Trackpad?

xah input device research new finding: it seems, nobody like trackpad. Or rather, people prefer mouse or trackball over trackpad. Because, by searching amazon, there are not many trackpad makers, and not many sells. In context, there are tons of mouses, trackballs, pen tablets.

Muscle Memory User Interface

Emacs vs vim, Compute Keybinding Efficiency

Microsoft Windows keyboard shortcuts: Alt + Space c vs Alt + F4

Windows little known tip: Alt+Space c is more effective than Alt+F4 . It'll work when sometimes the latter won't.

However, Alt+Space c shortcut is language dependent. If the operating system is set to French, it'll have different key.

nerd toys

bow and arrow

a great site, by a Microsoft programer who works on keyboard layouts.

kbdlayout.info 20210616071858
[Microsoft Windows Keyboard Layout Info By Michael Scott Kaplan. At http://kbdlayout.info/ ]

Discovered Microsoft Surface Duo. A foldable tablet. Runs on Android

Microsoft Surface Duo 2021-06-05
Microsoft Surface Duo Buy at amazon

Sticky Keys
minor update

Programable Keypad new item